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Herd Elephant Figurines Value Skyrockets 300% to 400%

herd elephant figurine statue hundred
Herd Elephant Figurine Statue “Hundred”

One of the most popular animal figurine collections of the late 1900 to early 2000 s was the Herd Elephant Figurine Collection by Marty. With its retirement in 2005 the Herd Elephant Figurine collection with individual elephant figurines selling at 3 to 4 times their original retail price. Currently supply is very low since none of the Herd Elephant Figurines have been available in retail stores for more than 5 years. Since most people are novices when it comes to collectibles in all likelihood they may be totally unaware that the Herd Elephant figurine in their possession is growing in value every day. According to animal figurine specialist Mary at Animal World “the Herd Elephant Figurine Collection was one of the most popular of its time. The Herd Elephant Figurine collection originated with elephant however it graduated into zebra, giraffe and lions.” In essence the Herd animal figurine collection became a herd unto itself allowing collectors the opportunity to grow their herd as new pieces were released. One of the trademark characteristics of the Herd Elephant Figurine collection was the pairing of animal figurines into cute catchy names like “Rock” and “Roll” or “Flip”and “Flop”. With purchase of one the buyer was almost obligated to get the other piece so the set would be complete. In other words there were small paired subset Herd figurine collections within the full collection.

Herd Elephant Figurine Value Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Animal Figurine Statues make great Christmas Gifts

John Perry Elephant Figurine Statue
John Perry Elephant Figurine Statue
Sandicast Snow Wolf Figurine Statue
Sandicast Snow Wolf Figurine Statue

One of the longest lasting of Christmas Gift giving traditions involves selection of animal figurine statues for animal and pet lovers on one’s gift list. Today three of the most popular of animal figurine brands include Sandicast, John Perry and Conversation Concepts made available online from animal figurine statue specialist Animal World. The reason animal figurine statues have remained so popular involves everyone’s fascination with wild animals and the inherent desire to bring that feeling of the wild outdoors inside through interesting animal theme home decor. This need is in turn satisfied with talented artists who desire to create a realistic animal works of art out of clay, stone, glass, wood or custom man made materials like Pellucida. With each material used a different animal figurine statue effect or style is achieved. Combine this with each artist’s idea of how to capture a wild animal in art and the possibilities are literally endless. Some people like to collect a certain animal theme such as North American, Safari, Jungle, Ocean, Birds or Arctic. Others like to collect just a specific kind of animal. Examples of these specific collections may include wolf figurine statues, tiger figurine statues, dolphin figurine statues or bald eagle figurine statues. Others may have a collection of a famous animal from one artist they love like Sandra Brue Sandicast or John Perry Figurine Statues. Two famous animal figurine statue collections which were very popular, but are now unfortunately retired include The Herd Elephant figurine statue collection and the Charming Tails Mouse Figurine Statue Collection. Both the Herd and the Charming Tails figurine statues were made of cast stone and hand painted. The Sandicast figurine statues still produced are also made of a cast stone resin compound and are hand detail painted. It is always fascinating how we have always been interested in animal figurines. The reason people have a love affair with animal figurine statues most likely evolves with the obvious differences between mankind and animals. After all, animals unlike humans have adapted entirely to a life outdoors. Mankind on the other hand requires shelter and clothes to survive.

 Article and Elephant photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Snow Wolf Figurine Statue by Sandicast

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