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Cow Crossing Signs are safety function and cow collection fun

cow crossing signCow Crossing Signs are designed for outdoor safety function but they can also announce to indoor visitors a cow lover enthusiast’s collection. Featuring Holstein Cow full color artwork the Cow Crossing sign is made of durable aluminum and comes with a hole at the top for easy hanging. For farmers with private road the Cow Crossing sign can inform visitors that Cows can be in the area and that caution and slower speeds are advisable. For businesses in the dairy business the Cow Crossing sign can entertain customers and provide a feeling of fresh ingredients for ice cream, milk, and other products. Cows are often a favorite for collections. Cow gifts store enthusiasts have collections including plush stuffed animals, figurines, earrings, toy miniatures, puppets, t shirts or keychains, and the best way to present the collection to friends and family is with a Cow Crossing Sign. The Cow Crossing signs are made in the USA so in addition to putting a smile on your face or warning you regarding cows, they also are good for the economy.

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