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New Realistic Horseshoe Crab Toy Miniatures for education, display and fun.

horseshoe crab toy miniature
When you visit the beach you often come across Horseshoe Crabs that have washed up on the shore. With their unique shape and brown armor like shell they can look very intimidating to the novice beachcomber. As with all crabs Horseshoe Crabs are scavengers which act as custodians of the ocean by cleaning the ocean of dead fish or other animals which would otherwise rot and contaminate the waters of the sea. The hard armor like shell and long barb like tail protect it in the harsh wave pounding waters where ocean swells meet the beach. To study and appreciate Horseshoe Crabs there are now realistic looking Horseshoe Crab toy miniatures. For classes studying crabs and the ocean the Horseshoe Crab Miniatures offer the opportunity to study safely both for the students and for the crabs. Students are able to inspect up close the details of the Horseshoe Crab and for ocean displays the Horseshoe Crab Toys offers a realism and 3 dimensional quality not attainable with pictures. Best of all Horseshoe Crab Toys offer a hands on learning experience which results in easier grasp of knowledge and understanding. Besides helping in the classroom Horseshoe Crab Toy Miniatures can also help with ocean decor. For creating a nautical feeling the Horseshoe Crab Toys can be displayed in table sand displays, by welcome areas or as a centerpiece. For pushing the envelope in decorating creative chefs might even utilize Horseshoe Crab Toy Miniatures on a nautical theme layered cake. For crab collectible fun the Horseshoe Crab Toy Miniature may be just part of an entire home decor of Crab Gifts. For people looking for beachcomber lovers crab gifts in addition to the new Horseshoe Crab Toy Miniatures there are also crab plush stuffed animals, other crab toy miniatures, crab earrings, crab pins, crab crossing signs, crab t shirts, crab rubber stamps and even crab neckties. So the new Horseshoe Crab Toy Miniature is an excellent addition to an already growing list of animal toy miniatures and to the crab toys currently available including Galapagos Sally Lightfoot crabs, and Hermit crabs. For ocean lovers in need of focal points for fund raising the Horseshoe Crab Toy Miniatures could be representative of their cause. Because of their affordability yet realism the Horseshoe Crab Toy Miniatures could be sold or given away as a thank you for donations to crab habitat preservation or similar environmental ocean events.

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