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How to work a Squirrel Puppet for realistic animal hand puppets fun

Squirrel Puppet Folkmanis Featuring a bushy brown tail with grey, creme, brown face and body this Squirrel Puppet Plush Stuffed Toy is realistic animal puppets play fun. Made by Folkmanis and featured with other animal puppets at Animal World this Squirrel Puppet plush stuffed animal toy is easy to work and seems to exude personality even before it comes to life by anyone wishing to be a puppeteer. With animal puppets subtle movements are more realistic than big ones. For example with simply the push of a finger or knuckle you can flare the cheeks of this Squirrel Puppet to make it appear as if it is breathing, about to chatter or is even eating a nut. Likewise with the remaining hand slight movements of the tail radiate outward to the end creating intended looks of high attention or alertness to surrounding similar to a real squirrel always on the lookout for danger. Returning to the main hand with thumb and pinky it is easy to work the front legs for gripping, waving, pointing or simply lifelike squirrel movements. With a similar movement of the knuckles of the main hand you can also give movement and thereby realism to the eyes. Designed for the novice or the expert the Squirrel puppet is easy and fun to work. Squirrel Gifts Stores featuring squirrel plush stuffed animals, crossing signs, pewter keychains, pillows, earrings, pins, neckties, toy miniatures, paperweights and figurines will be thrilled to add the Squirrel Puppet to their collection.

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