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How to get a Tiger in your House

Some people against their obvious better judgment yearn to own a tiger. Some even dream about bringing the tiger into the house where they live like the Tiger is as tame as a domestic tabby cat. Since this is probably not a good idea under any circumstance I do have a solution for those of you who still truly want to bring a tiger into your house and it really is much simpler than you might expect. Best of all my solution does not require a lot of money and for safety sake no danger is involved whatsoever from being mauled or even eaten. In fact it is so sensible and easy absolutely everyone is eligible to bring a tiger in the house with my simple idea. The way to bring a Tiger into your house is as simple as acquiring a Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry from a Tiger Gifts Storeonline like Animal. In fact, with the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry you can bring the beauty, drama and excitement into any room in your home. You can bring a Tiger into the living room, family room, bedroom and even into the kitchen. The Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry can be framed for easy mounting on any wall. Likewise, the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry can be laid across a bed, a sofa or chair. Just about anywhere you take the Tiger blanket throw tapestry you are allowing a Tiger presence take over the room in beautiful Tiger Home Decor. Maybe you already have a collection of Tiger Gifts Store memorabilia items. With the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry setting the stage by creating instant Tiger theme dramatic wall effects, the proper mood is achieved for guests admiring the collection of tiger figurines, plush stuffed animals, mugs and jewelry in your collection.The Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry shown above left is called “Tiger Power” and the one shown below left is called ” Tiger Stalking.

Copy on photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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