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How to bring Animal Finger Puppets to life and make them Talk

field mouse finger puppetThe easiest to work of all the animal puppets are the ever increasing line of Animal Finger Puppets by Folkmanis offered online by Animal World. Since animal finger puppets are so easy to work most people say “you can’t do anything with animal finger puppets” but “au contraire” there are lots of things you can do with finger puppets and really your imagination is the only barrier. First as with any animal finger puppet the most important step is 1. place your finger in the animal finger puppet, most people will use their index finger but that is the variable, each finger is going to offer different possibilities. For now let’s use just the index finger. To make the animal finger puppet say hi simply wiggle it forward twice and stop. To say yes nod the animal finger puppet forward slowly for normal or quickly to show enthusiasm. To say no the animal finger puppet can shake left right and either slow or fast to show normal no or an definite no. Animal Finger puppets love music especially songs with a lively beat. If it is hard rock animal finger puppets can head bang with anyone and during those slow swaying sing along numbers animal finger puppets can move back and forth with the music. groundhog finger puppetAnimal Finger puppets also love story time. During special story time moments Animal Finger Puppets can be alert and reactionary by turning to the narrator as if to say “Wow”, or “Your kidding” or moving up and down as if laughing to a funny passage. Selection of the correct animal finger puppet is as important as how it is animated and makes the life of the puppeteer easier. With a wide range of animal finger puppets as provided by Animal World the puppeteer can chose from choices including bear, beaver, butterfly, chipmunk, chocolate lab dog, cow, dragon, eagle, firefly, fox, gorilla, groundhog, harbor seal, hedgehog, hummingbird, ladybug, mouse, opossum, owl, penguin, pig, porcupine, rabbit, raccoon, sea lion, black sheep, skunk, snail, squirrel, toad, weasel and yak. gorilla finger puppetAccording to Steve Forrest at Animal World ” all the animal finger puppets by Folkmanis are amazing but my favorites have always been the groundhog finger puppet, the hedgehog, gorilla finger puppet, opossum and field mouse finger puppet. They all have a naturally funny attention getting faces which exudes fun and a lot of personality especially the field mouse.” So the next time someone says “you can’t do anything with animal finger puppets” simply say “au contraire” and let them know that with a minimum of work mixed with unlimited creativity and imagination it is possible not only to do lots of things you can even make them talk.”

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