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Penguin Figurines by John Perry offer Antarctic Home Decor Style

penguin figurine 4 on ice flow by John Perry

Penguin Figurine at

For some changing home decor is Seasonal. Currently we are in the heart of Winter and no other animal harkens the season better than the Penguin. With their teamwork in staving off the bitter Antarctic cold the Penguin like no other animal not only survives but thrives in this hostile cold climate.  Capturing this in art is the Penguin Figurine 4 Penguins on Ice Flow by John Perry and featured online by Animal World on their Penguin Gift Store page. Made of Pellucida with detailed hand painting the Penguin Figurine  shows 3 Penguins in the classic at attention pose while the 4th Penguin prepares to dive into the water off the ice flow. Measuring 5″ long x 4″ high and 4″wide it is designed for eye level display on a mantle, wall shelf or curio cabinet high shelf. For commercial decorators working to achieve an Antarctic display the Penguin Figurine can be integrated with a mirror laid flat to provide an element look of water, cotton balls to create the illusion of snow at waters edge and the Penguin Figurine John Perry 4 Penguins on ice flow positioned so it appears as if the one penguin is diving into the icy water. With three simple items, the mirror, cotton balls and the Penguin Figurine you can create an action filled Antarctic Winter scene. Additional Penguin Display items are available in realistic looking penguin toy miniatures mini animals also available on the Penguin Gifts Store page mentioned earlier.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

5 Ways to beat the Hot Sultry Dog Days of Summer with a Dog

red dog leash lead usa

Red Dog Leash Lead USA

golden retriever t shirt anwo usa

Golden Retriever T shirt USA

Late July to early August can only mean one thing, everyone is enduring the hottest most sultry days of Summer routinely referred  to as the dog days of Summer. According to Wikipedia the Dog Days of Summer refers historically to the Roman and Greek belief that the dog star called Sirius got too close to the sun thereby creating these long days of heat.  During these long days of unrelenting heat it is important to remember to keep a positive attitude, try to have fun and most important do it with your dog. Here is a quick list of ways to enjoy the Dog Days of Summer with your dog.

1. Reschedule your dogs walk for the early mornings or after dark when it is cool and buy a new dog leash lead it is like putting on a new shirt.

2. Find a lake, river, pond, ocean or pool and go swimming with your dog.

3. Pull out the the sprinkler and rediscover your childhood by running through the sprinkler and have your dog do it too.

4. Give your dog a bath, but go crazy.

5. Chill out, enjoy the inside where it is AC cool and take a long nap with your dog by your side or maybe just nearby.

All these activities require just a little planning and in order to reach your full potential for fun on each event don’t forget to be properly attired for each activity. Dogs are a great icebreaker for conversation and many relationships have developed due in large part by a common love for dogs. To show off your special love for your dog and for proper dog lover fashion fun be sure to add dog breed lover t shirts to your wardrobe for conspicuous occasions such as walking your dog. This if very important since you might just bump in your future Mr.  or Mrs. significant other or at least a new temporary acquantence. If they are dog lovers and enjoy the way you are having fun despite these hot dog days of summer they may realize if you can turn tough times like these into fun with a positive spin then good times with you will be great.

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