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Hummingbird Puppet is Hummingbird Finger Puppet Fun in Your Hand

Hummingbird puppet
Hummingbird Finger Puppet at Animal World

Ever wondered what it would be like to hold a Hummingbird in your hand. It is possible right now with the Hummingbird puppet offered online by animal puppet specialist Animal World. Featured in the easy to use Hummingbird finger puppet style anyone who can wiggle their finger can easily make this Hummingbird puppet to life. Made with velvet soft dark green, red, white soft plush this Hummingbird finger puppet measures 6.75″ long and has an 8″ wingspan. Shown left the picture shows how easy it is to hold the Hummingbird Puppet in your hand and resembles a real Hummingbird. Think about how easy it would be to make the school classroom come to life with this Hummingbird Finger Puppet. Seeing a real Hummingbird is a difficult task since they are so small, timid and quick. This is why the Hummingbird Puppet can serve such a wonderful role in education, scientific examination and simple learning play fun. For people searching for gifts for Hummingbird lovers the Hummingbird finger puppet makes and excellent animal theme gift.Of course if you follow the Hummingibird video below you will see it is possible to have a hummingbird in your hand.

Hummingbird Puppet is Hummingbird Finger Puppet Fun Article by Steve Forrest

Hummingbird Finger Puppet Photo by Folkmanis

Hummingbird Finger Puppets have realistic look

hummingbird finger puppetHummingbirds are a very hard bird to spot because of their diminutive size. Usually hummingbirds are spotted when they quickly use a hummingbird feeder. The one exception for sighting a hummingbird is with the new Hummingbird Finger Puppet. Anytime you want to be close to a Hummingbird simply slip the beautiful Hummingbird Finger Puppet on your finger. With the Hummingbird Finger Puppet you can bring the beauty and delicate features of this amazing bird onto you hand any time you wish. Made by Folkmanis the Hummingbird Finger Puppet features velvety dark green, red, cream white plush and comes to life with a simple wiggle of the finger. Teachers are always searching for ways to engage their children in a more active learning environment. With the Hummingbird Finger Puppet as a teachers aide students can’t help but follow the activities of the teacher and her Hummingbird friend. If a story book is available featuring a Hummingbird the Hummingbird Finger Puppet can take the role of the main character. The Hummingbird Finger Puppet can also be used in weddings, as a focal point for dinners and as a goody bag giveaway for bird lover enthusiast dinners or events. For Hummingbird gift store lovers the Hummingbird finger puppet will be a welcome product in addition to plush stuffed animals, earrings, brooch pins, crossing signs, t shirts, throw blankets and mugs already offered. The Hummingbird Finger Puppet is just one of many animal puppets available in almost any animal from A – Z.

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