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Irish Setter Plush Stuffed Animals is dog lover soft fun

Irish Setter Plush Stuffed Animal SmallIrish Setters are an elegant dog breed with flowing burnish red feathered coat, alert face and a sporting dog breed affiliation. To celebrate this beautiful dog Russ has introduced through online retailers like Animal World the Irish Setter Plush Stuffed Animal Classic in regular and small size. Made with soft realistic looking burnish red soft plush the Irish Setter stuffed animal dog has a beautiful face and a personality that seems to letting you know it is ready and looking for a new friend. For families or people that have always wanted an adorable Irish Setter puppy the Irish Setter Plush Stuffed Animal Small shown above would make an excellent choice. For a more adult look the Irish Setter Plush Stuffed Animal Classic shown below might be the preferred selection. Large Irish Setter Plush Stuffed AnimalEither represents the Irish Setter dog breed realistically with folding soft plush ears and an ability to lift anyone’s spirits whether for birthday gifts, Christmas holidays, office gifts, patients in hospitals or the elderly in retirement homes. Irish Setters have a long history in hunting as a sporting dog, today they are mainly a family dog and enjoyed by all that come in contact with this majestic, regal gorgeous dog breed. Fortunately with the new Irish Setter plush stuffed animal dog anyone can enjoy this breed and best of all without the responsibilities of food, clean up or veterinary bills. The Irish Setter plush stuffed animal classic in small puppy size or regular large size are both ready to make dog lovers of all ages smile with love from man’s best friend.

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