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Retired Sandicast Dog Figurines offer future collectible goldmine

jack russell terrier figurine sandicastSandicast is synonymous with dog and animal figurines. Founded by Sandra Brue Sandicast became known as the finest maker of animal and pet figurines in the market. All original figurines were first made by Sandra Brue out of clay and then a molding was created. Production involved a high quality cast stone mold of the original clay figurine which was then hand painted under the close supervision and quality control of Sandra Brue herself. All Sandicast figurines were made in the USA in San Diego and distributed throughout the USA to gift shops and high quality department stores that could put the figurines on the pedestal they deserved. Today the Sandicast Line is distributed by Jillson Roberts and the dog figurines are now made overseas. The figurines retain the high level of the original line and improvements have been made in casting making the pieces less fragile which is better for long term customer satisfaction. The figurine line is more centralized now which does open the opportunity to collectors to buy retired Sandicast figurines for potential future reward in rare values. As production on certain pieces end at Sandicast the potential future value sky rockets. The faces of nature line is an example of a retired Sandicast figurine line. Once the Sandicast Faces of Nature included a Gorilla, Leopard, Eagle and a Wolf. Of those 4 animal figurines all originally were made in the USA, however, today only the Wolf remains in the line today. If you have a collection of all 4 Sandicast Faces of Nature made in the USA treasure them, take care of them, keep them, they are irreplaceable, valuable and will only go up in value. There is also many dog figurines which are now retired and no longer in production. The Jack Russell Terrier Tri Color shown is a perfect example of one of the Sandicast Dog figurines which is no longer available as it is out of production. Made in the USA of cast stone with hand painting this Jack Russell Terrier Figurine Sandicast is a throw back to the days when the pieces were made in San Diego. For figurine collectors the Sandicast line is one of a kind and represents figurines that timeless in their beauty and valuable for future generations.

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