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Wildlife Animal Figurines for Valentines Day Gifts

john perry dolphin figurine statue
Dolphin Figurine Statue by John Perry

There really isn’t an official animal mascot for Valentines Day so whatever animal your Valentine adores can make a wonderful gift. An excellent source online for your wildlife animal figurines is animal figurine specialist Animal World. According to Nickie at Animal World “there is a wide range of wildlife animal figurines from which to choose from famous names like John Perry, Sandicast and Wildlife Kingdom.” If your Valentine loves the beach and ocean lover décor the white pellucida figurines on natural burled wood bases made famous by John Perry may be an exciting choice. The most popular animals by John Perry figurines include aquatic wildlife including dolphins, sharks, sting rays, sailfish, marlins, manatees, narwhal whale, orca whale, beluga whale, alligators and humpback whales. Recently John Perry Figurines has added some land animals to the collection including elephants , rhinos and giraffe. There is even a line of John Perry bird figurines which continue the ocean lover beach theme with seagulls, flamingos, pelicans, forest birds including owls Antarctic birds including penguins. Sandicast is most well known for it’s line of dog and cat figurines however the Sandicast Figurine Statues are also famous for their wolf, tiger, elephant, panda, rhino, gorilla and giraffe. Though not as well known as John Perry or Sandicast, Wildlife Kingdom also offers a wide range of wildlife animals in a similar 4’ cube size made famous by the now retired Stone Critters line.

Sandicast Wolf Figurine Statue
Wolf Figurine Statue Sandicast

Flowers are a wonderful choice for Valentines if it is for a lady or girl. In fact Valentines Flowers are excellent for initial presentation and impact however their presence is unfortunately temporary. To remedy this annual problem you can combine Valentines Flowers with a second gift of wildlife animal figurines. This will create a permanence not offered by flowers and also creates year round home décor enjoyment.

Valentines Day Animal Figurines Article by Steve ForrestWriter Video Photography

Dolphin Figurine Statue Picture by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Wolf Figurine Picture by Sandicast

John Perry Dolphin Figurines Statue on Burled Wood

john perry dolphin figurine statue smallWhenever one goes to the beach everyone is mesmerized by it’s stark contrasts in beauty. The endless horizon of ocean water contrasted by the waterless sandy beach, wild oats covered dunes and scrubby weathered trees. The only sign of life are the occasional dolphins working their way up and down the beach, sand crabs and shore birds. Capturing that raw beauty in sculpture are the dolphin figurine statues on burled wood base by John Perry.  What makes the John Perry Dolphin Figurine Statues so interesting is that each is different than the other since no two burled wood bases is the same. Each burled wood base is unique which makes each John Perry Dolphin Figurine Statue special. Dolphin Figurine Statue John Perry With the interesting way in which each dolphin figurine statue is attached to the burled wood it resembles and reminds you of a dolphin rounding a coral reef. Made in various sizes and poses the dolphin figurine statues are made of Pellucida. Attached to the burled wood base in a very subtle almost unnoticed manner with a hard wire each dolphin figurine appears to be actually swimming which even adds to their allure. Dolphin Gifts Store featuring John Perry Figurine Statues are often hard to find. Fortunately the John Perry Dolphin Figurine Statues are available online at animal pet theme gift specialists like Animal World. According to Mary at “it is amazing the way the John Perry Dolphin Figurine Statues have remained timeless through several generations of dolphin lover home decor.”

John Perry Dolphin Figurines Home Beach Decor Personified

dolphin pod figurine airbrushed by john perryWhen it comes to creating home beach decor the line of dolphin figurines by John Perry are guaranteed to provide a look and feeling of being at the beach. Originally all figurines by John Perry were the natural White color Pellucida Dolphins on uniquely individual burled wood bases. This combination proved a winner since it combined the latest in resin compounds called Pellucida for dolphins against the natural look of the burled wood makes a perfect combination for beach home decor. Recently with concern for the environment with regard to the wood used in the Dolphin Figurines John Perry began making his bases out of Pellucida. dolphins on wave figurine by john perryThe Dolphins on Wave Figurine by John Perry and the Dolphin Pod on Wave Figurine by John Perry shown above left both show this new construction. Another progression has the Pellucida Dolphin Figurines themselves. Displayed historically in their natural white color the Pellucida Dolphins now are available with airbrushing. This airbrushing provides a light bluish gray natural look to the dolphins, but more importantly it allows more flexibility for choices when selecting a John Perry Dolphin Figurine. Three beautiful examples of the new airbrushing technique include the Dolphin Figurine on Burled Wood by John Perry, dolphin figurine on burled wood by john perrythe Dolphin Figurine Adult Baby on burled wood by John Perry and the Dolphin Figurine Small Pair by John Perry shown middle and bottom left. In comparing the original style with the burled wood base versus the newer style with the Pellucida base it is hard to beat the natural unique one of a kind look of the burled wood base. With each of these the burled wood base actually attracts more detailed attention than the dolphin figurine. It is as if the dolphin figurine draws you in and the unique burled wood base holds your fascination and attention. With the new Pellucida base which are universal and not unique your attention is focused on the dolphins. pair of dolphins figurine on burled wood by john perryUnfortunately the warm and cozy feeling produced by the burled wood is lost with the new Pellucida Base. On the plus side the new Pellucida Base Dolphin Figurines by John Perry seem to possess a greater feeling of action, excitement and definitely would be preferable in a modern beach home decor challenge. Each style has it’s advantages and drawbacks but when it comes to creating a beach home decor theme for your room or house it would be mistake not to include the Dolphin Figurines by John Perry in your presentation. The John Perry Dolphin Figurines are also create perfect decor the office, travel agencies, beach theme parties, restaurant decor and anywhere dolphin figurines transport you back to those lazy Summer days lounging at the beach.
small dolphin figurine pair on burled wood by john perry

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