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Animal Figurine Statues Provide Attractive Wildlife Home Décor

beluga whale figurine statue
John Perry Beluga Whale Figurine 

The love of the outdoors and wildlife is an almost universally agreed upon every day avocation. Capturing the outdoors and wildlife in sculpture are wildlife animal figurines from small to life size. Animal Figurines specialists like Animal World have been involved in the wildlife figurine business for over 26 years and represent some of the most well respected names in the animal figurine statue business including Sandicast and John Perry. Both of these animal figurines dominate the style of statue they produce. John Perry produces a very basic but at the same time very elegant figurine combining the futuristic look of white pellucida animal statue set almost invisibly upon a unique one of a kind burled wood base. This futuristic look combined with natural wood emanates a warm yet modern feel for home décor. In addition, for anyone wishing to create relaxed looking beach theme décor the John Perry Figurine Statue collection is the perfect solution. In summary, realism is not the goal of the John Perry Animal Figurines. The goal of John Perry was to create beautiful, simple, modern comfortable home décor that features the gorgeous line of the animal rather than the detail.

sandicast chihuahua figurine statue
Sandicast Chihuahua Figurine Statue

In contrast the Sandicast line of animal figurines main claim to fame rests in their realism. From the animal figurine’s pose, to it’s muscle tone, detaled coat, and especially it’s eyes each Sandicast Figurine Statue will make you do a double take. In fact if you place the Sandicast statue at eye level and view the animal figurine eye to eye they appear so real you almost expect them to breathe. Sculpted originally out of clay by founder Sandra Brue, production of the Sandicast Animal Figurines today includes cast stone hand painted reproductions out of molds of the original pieces. Unheralded as one of the greatest sculptors of the modern era Sandra Brue’s line of Sandicast Animal Figurines graces the shelves of thousands of homes today especially in breed specific dog figurine statues. Our love affair with animal figurines goes back thousands of years. Originally carved most likely out of rock or wood, animal figurine statues today are made of materials that reflect the times in which we now live. What all animal figurine have in common is our need to not only capture that beauty in statues but also to place them in our homes where they can be admired and respected.

Article and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Chihuahua Figurine Photo by Sandicast

John Perry Seagull Figurine Statues Capture Beach Lover Home Decor

john perry seagull figurine statue

John Perry Seagull Figurine Statue

With every trip to the beach one encounters Seagulls. From viewing them overhead to watching them search for food along the seashore to watching them bob like small white boats as they float on the incoming waves. Capturing the beauty and charm of the Seagulls contribution to the beach lovers experience are the variety of John Perry Seagull Figurine Statues and Seagull Mobile by John Perry. By combining the raw white Pellucida material used to make the Seagulls with the natural burled wood base an immediate feeling of being at the beach is created for beach lover home decor. Designed for placement on a coffee table, appropriate shelf, curio cabinet or office desk any of the John Perry Seagull Figurines Statues are perfect for taking one’s imagination to the relaxation of spending time at the beach. The one characteristic of all that is often overlooked is the fact that with each unique burled wood base each John Perry Seagull Figurine Statue is special since no two are identical, therefore, each one is special unto itself. Another characteristic also intentionally overlooked by observers is the extremely subtle way in which the Seagull Figurine Statue is affixed to each unique burled wood base. The Seagull Figurine Statue is attached almost invisibly to the burled wood base by a sturdy brass heavy wire in a location that usually goes totally unnoticed. This of course provides the observer the illusion that the Seagull is actually in flight, which for bird figurines is a necessary detail.seagull mobile figurine john perry

Seagull Mobile Figurine John Perry

Similar to the Seagull Figurine Statues but utilizing open space instead a burled wood base the Seagull Mobile is suspended in flight with invisible nylon line attached to a metal spreader bar to provide the illusion of continuous flight is achieved. Another unannounced beautiful feature of the John Perry Figurine Statues is their intentional lack of detail. Like a book where the readers imagination creates a mental picture the John Perry Seagull Figurines create an image of Seagulls which is completed by the observer with their imagination of the special memories they retain of relaxing at the beach. For beach lover home decor there really is no other collection better than the John Perry Figurines especially the Seagull Figurine Statues by John Perry.

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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