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John Perry Sailfish Figurine Statue is Beach Lover Home Décor

John Perry Sailfish Figurine Statue
Sailfish Figurine Statue John Perry

Most likely you have been or spent time in one of those vacation houses at the beach that have as part of their décor a John Perry Figurine Statue. The classic Pellucida white figurine statue on a natural burled wood base is famous in dolphin, shark, whale, sting ray, marlin and sailfish. Recently some of those pieces have been airbrushed offering color which is especially effective on the Sailfish Figurine Statue shown left. Since Sailfish have a rainbow of colors accented on their top fin it is a logical piece for airbrushing. Featuring a jumping pose the John Perry Sailfish Figurine Statue with a rainbow of full airbrush color grabs your immediate attention and is perfect for beach lover home décor. Since each natural burled wood base is unique each piece is a one of a kind. Likewise since each airbrushing unique and different no two pieces are ever exactly alike. This is one of the features that makes each John Perry Sailfish Figurine Statue owner a feeling that they are in possession of something special. Whether placed on a shelf, in a curio cabinet, over the mantle or on a desk the Sailfish Figurine Statue puts anyone at ease and in a relaxed beach lover mood. Obviously it is not necessary to go to the beach to enjoy John Perry Figurine Statues, anyone can make their own private ocean beach lover anywhere at home, at the office and even at school.

John Perry Sailfish Figurine Statue article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography Website Consultant

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