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Animal Crossing Signs for June National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month. Being safe is always a concern especially in areas that are unfamiliar. Families are traveling this month on vacation and to visit relatives all over the country. One of the greatest dangers comes when animals inadvertently cross paths with humans. Paths between animals and humans can occur at the ocean with sharks, on highways with deer or bears and on trails with leopards, bears, snakes, and other animals. This is where Animal Crossing Signs can be used for education, safety and to give warnings. Animal Crossing signs are available for safety warning about alligator, armadillo, bear, bee, buffalo, cow, deer, dog, duck, eagle, elk, flamingo, fox, frog, goat, grizzly bear, horse, manatee, moose, mountain lion, panther, pelican, pheasant, pig, prairie dog, rabbit, raccoon, roadrunner, sea lion, sea otter, sea turtle, shark, snake, squirrel, turtle, wildlife, and wolf. The Mountain Lion Crossing Sign is shown.

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