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Koala Blanket Throw Tapestry for Australian home decor

koala blanket throw tapestryAustralia is a beautiful country with many special animals which are unique to the country. One special animal that epitomizes Australia is the Koala. Capturing beautiful Koala artwork the Koala blanket throw tapestry is perfect for providing a feeling of Australia to your home decor. Maybe you have been fortunate to visit Australia and have on display many items from the country. One way to immediately create that feeling of Australia is with the Koala Blanket Throw Tapestry. For best viewing you could mount the Koala blanket like a tapestry on the wall. If funds allow the Koala throw blanket could be framed like a huge picture. For simpler display purposes the Koala blanket could be laid over a couch, chair or on top of a single bed. With dimensions of 60″ high x 48″ wide the possibilities are almost without limit. Some may even use the Koala blanket throw tapestry like material with backing for example for curtains. The Koala blanket is also functional so it is also perfect for nap time or staying cozy on chilly days reading a book or watching TV. Because of their friendly facade Koalas have been adopted by clubs and organizations. In these situations the Koala blanket could be useful for fund raisers, as door prizes, in party decor, and as a gift. Wildlife habitat groups and zoos could also benefit from the Koala blanket throw tapestry in promotions, raffles and for gift shops. Made in the USA the Koala blanket throw tapestry is more than a blanket, it is a decor statement showing the beauty and love we wish to show for this unique and wonderful animal from Australia.

New Koala Throw Blanket Tapestry is made in USA

For the first time Koala animal lovers have a new Koala throw blanket tapestry for home decor or use on chilly days. In addition this Koala blanket is made in the USA of 100% cotton and measures a very large 60″ high x 48″ wide. Throw blankets make excellent gifts since you can use them to decorate a wall, or as a drape over a sofa or chair and best of all if you are cold wrap up with one to stay warm. Maybe you know someone who is in love with adventure in Australia’s outback or someone who just loves the cute Koala bears. If you are that person or know someone that meets that description the new Koala throw blanket may be the perfect gift and of course their are lots of other Koala gifts. The new Koala blanket is pictured.

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