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Koala Earrings Gold Jewelry are Australian Made in USA fashion fun

Koalas are one of the most lovable, adorable and most endearing of exotic animals. Add to this the fact that they are native only to the island of Australia only adds to their mystique and charm. To capture this incredible animal in jewelry Wild Bryde USA produced the Koala Earrings Gold French Curve for koala lover fashion and fun. Produced of etched brass then hand hammered using a special plannishing tool to create hundreds of tiny facets on a gentle curve to reflect the light in a glistening display the Koala Earrings Gold French Curve are an amazing and glamorous way to show off a love for Koalas. The Koala Earring feature a single Koala grasping the crutch of tree in the same pose you find if you were to come upon a Koala in it’s natural habitat. Animal Earrings are a wonderful way to combine fashion, fun and love for wildlife. The Koala earrings are animal specific and this allows Koala animal lovers the opportunity to show that Koalas are their favorite. Since the Koala Earrings Gold French Curve are made in the USA they help America and are representative of excellent craftsmanship. Whether for dress up or for casual wear the Koala Earrings Gold Jewelry French Curve would be an excellent choice for any wildlife lover.

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