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New Chocolate Lab Crossing Sign for safety and fun

The new Chocolate Lab Crossing sign captures with beautiful artwork the strength, dedication and love of the Labrador Retriever breed. Made of aluminum the Chocolate Lab Crossing sign is perfect for outdoors use and comes with a hole at the top for ease of hanging. Chocolate Labs love to retrieve especially water retrieving. All Labrador retrievers find their origin in their use with hunting especially with regard to hunting ducks. For some labs this is still part of their life but their close human bonds have made them one of the most popular dog breeds for families looking for an active dog. Chocolate Labs are often considered the heartiest and strongest of the 3 color labs which sometimes makes them the hardest adjustment for families with Chocolate Lab puppies. For this reason the Chocolate Lab crossing sign can educate neighbors be aware that they are in the presence of a very active dog. The Chocolate Lab crossing sign is also a sign of pride in the breed especially for Labrador retriever enthusiasts. For Chocolate Lab lovers the dog crossing sign makes a wonderful gift, is a conversation starter and makes wonder dog lover home decor. For whatever the reason the Chocolate Lab crossing sign is a wonderful addition to the dog crossing signs line.

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