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Ladybug Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan for Ladybug Lover Good Luck Home Decor

Everyone loves the experience of having an innocent Ladybug land on an arm on a pleasant Spring Summer day. For most it is a sign of receiving future good luck. For farmers Ladybugs are always welcome since they are known for keeping unwanted bugs off important crops. For Volkswagen Bug owners Ladybugs have become an unofficial mascot for the lovable car. For these reasons and many more others have adopted the Ladybug as their own person mascot and have searched for Ladybug gift store items to decorate their homes, cars and workplaces. Following up on this quest by Ladybug lovers for more Ladybug theme gifts the Ladybug Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan was introduced. Produced in the USA by Pure Country and featured online by animal pet theme gift specialist Animal World the Ladybug Blanket Throw Tapestry is now available for beautiful home decor and functional warmth. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton the Ladybug Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan works easily for framed or draped wall decor. Likewise the Ladybug Afghan Blanket Throw Tapestry can highlight a sofa, chair or bed. It’s usefulness as a blanket should not be forgotten. For Ladybug lovers the blanket tapestry throw is perfect for keeping warm while reading, watching TV or taking that luxurious sought after afternoon  nap. Since all animal blanket throw tapestries like the Ladybug afghan produced in limited edition production runs the opportunity to purchase this unique piece of art is short. Ladybugs bring an unconditional smile from all their unexpected visits and the same wonderful reaction can be expected from any Ladybug lovers who receive this beautiful item as a birthday, office, Christmas, Easter or Mother’s Day gift.

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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