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Ladybug Earrings & Ladybug Pin Jewelry for Valentines Day

ladybug earrings post
Ladybug Earrings Post
ladybug earrings post small
Ladybug Earrings Post Small

Valentines Day is fast approaching. In addition to the customary bouquet of red roses you  may also wish to consider adding some Valentine Ladybug Earrings or Pin Jewelry for more of an enduring sign of your love. Maybe your Valentine already loves Ladybugs or maybe she just needs a little education as to their symbolism. Ladybugs are known for bringing good luck and being a sign of giving good luck but most importantly they are also known as being the love bug. Red roses require little planning and are considered a no brainer to ladies. Adding Ladybug Earrings or pin Jewelry for Valentines Day demonstrates what ladies love, careful planning and thoughtfulness. Mary at Animal World recommends getting your order in now to allow time for shipping in time for Valentines Day.

Ladybug Earrings Pin Jewelry Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography


Ladybug Earrings Jewelry Pins for Valentines Day

ladybug earrings post
Ladybug Earrings Post
ladybug pin brooch
Ladybug Pin Brooch

During the coldest part of the year comes the warmest of special times Valentines Day. As a way to continue the warm feelings of Valentines Day a gift of Ladybug Earrings or Ladybug Pin Jewelry not only offers the mantra of good luck, they also bring with them one of the classic signs of warm weather brought on by Spring. With a realistic look and size the Ladybug Earrings Post are immediate attention grabbers and show off a open inviting personality. Complement the Ladybug Earrings Post with the matching Ladybug Pin Jewelry and there is enough good luck to share with all your friends. Ladybug lovers will love receiving Ladybug jewelry for Valentine’s Day especially since Ladybugs and roses share the same red color of love. Ladybug gift store enthusiasts need to move quickly on securing their Ladybug jewelry earrings or pins however since the manufacturer has discontinued production of these items. According to Nickie at Animal World “we are limited to stock on hand with regard to our Fine Enamel Ladybug Earrings and Pins so it is definitely time to seize the opportunity. We also offer Gold Ladybug Earrings French Curve, Fine Enamel Ladybug Earrings French Curve, Fine Enamel Ladybug Brooch Pin and a larger pair of Ladybug Earrings Post.”  If Valentines Day gift givers want to continue the Ladybug theme they can also find a full line of Ladybug Gifts Store items including Ladybug throw blanket, crossing sign, stuffed animal plush, earrings, t shirt, puppet, keychain, and toy miniatures.

Ladybug Earrings Pin Jewelry Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Ladybug Earrings Pin Pictures by Fine Enamels

Ladybug Earrings Gold French Curve are sure to bring you good luck

ladybug earringsEveryone loves Ladybugs, it is a sign of summer when a ladybug lands on your hand or arm. Harmless, when a ladybug lands on you folklore says it brings you good luck. Of course everyone likes to bring that good luck with you and for ladies Ladybug Earrings Gold French Curve are a perfect way to achieve that goal. Ladybug gifts like Ladybug Earrings jewelry provide fashion fun and best of all the Ladybug Earrings shown are made in the USA. Shown enlarged on the left to shown detail the gold Ladybug Earrings feature a gentle curve and hundreds of tiny facets produced by hand plannishing finishing tool. These 14ct gold Ladybug earrings are ultra lightweight and stay looking elegant forever. The opportunities for wearing Ladybug Earrings are only limited by the wearers imagination. For teachers Ladybug Earrings could be worn anytime as education and ladybugs go hand in hand. Some people love Ladybugs and collect ladybug gifts for them the chance to wear Ladybug earrings jewelry cannot be passed. For farmers that sell or use Ladybugs to help with their crops Ladybug earrings can serve business purposes. Sororities that use Ladybugs as their mascot can obviously all wear ladybug earrings as a show of unity. For clubs that have likewise adopted the friendly ladybug can also all wear ladybug earrings for club functions or fund raisers. The nicest feature of Ladybug earrings is their universality, the possibilities are endless fun. Ladybug earrings gold french curve are just one of many nice gold Animal earrings jewelry for fashion fun made in the USA.

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