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New Style Ladybug Puppet Now at Anwo Animal World

ladybug puppet
Folkmanis Ladybug Puppet at Animal World

Animal Hand Puppets are fun and when a new style is introduced by Folmanis Puppets it is always worth mentioning. This is the case with the new Ladybug Puppet found online by animal puppets specialist Animal World. Featuring that classic red shell with black spots this Ladybug Puppet has elastic stretch glove like finger locations which allow this Ladybug Puppet to crawl just like a real ladybug. For Ladybug Gifts Store enthusiast the Ladybug Hand Puppet makes everyone lucky as the persons personality comes through as the puppeteer makes the Ladybug come to life.

Ladybug Puppet Article by Steve Forrest

Ladybug Puppet Photography by Folkmanis Puppets

Ladybug Puppet and Ladybug Finger Puppets are Spring Season Good Luck Fun Year Round

ladybug puppet
Ladybug Puppet

Ladybug Puppets are Spring Season Story Time Fun Spring is wonderful time that renews spirits and puts people in a good frame of mind and mood. One of the indications that Spring has sprung is the emergence of Ladybugs into our lives. Folklore and tradition states that when a Ladybug lands on you they also bring you good luck. Celebrating the Ladybug as one of the most favorite of all insects are the Ladybug Puppet and Ladybug Finger Puppet. Featured online by animal puppets specialist Animal World the Ladybug Hand Puppet and Ladybug Finger Puppet offer the good vibes of a real ladybug experience anytime you want. The Ladybug Hand Puppet shown above left is as easy to use as putting on a glove. Since each finger is represented as a Ladybug leg, even a novice with no training can immediately bring the Ladybug puppet to life by making it walk or in manipulating its front legs as if it’s investigating something important. Also by simply flexing slightly the broad part of your hand you can create lifelike movements which often are the most realistic of all animal puppet maneuvers.

ladybug finger puppet
Ladybug Finger Puppet

Even simpler to operate than the Ladybug hand puppet is the Ladybug Finger Puppet shown below left. By simply slipping the Ladybug Finger Puppet over any finger or even your thumb the personality of a Ladybug immediately appears as if it just came to life. Regardless of the limitations of an animal finger puppet versus an animal hand puppet anyone can still make the Ladybug Finger Puppet nod, shake no, or turn as if to be inspecting something slowly and carefully. Whichever Ladybug puppet chosen the most unexpected feature is how much fun you have and how entertaining they are for others nearby. This is especially effective for teachers during story time. Spring is the time for real Ladybugs however with the Ladybug hand puppet and Ladybug Finger Puppet their good luck and fun can transcend into any season of the year.

Ladybug Puppets and Ladybug Finger Puppet Article written by Steve Forrest

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