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Shark Puppets that can really eat for story time fun

Nothing ever gets your attention more than a real shark. Fortunately most never come face to face with a real shark, however, there is a good chance you may encounter a Shark puppet. With an animal puppets handler bringing a Shark puppet to life with a little imagination you can actually envision a real shark attacking if even in fun. For a novice the Shark Puppet shown above is easy to work and any student could have a lot of fun playing, creating and acting out the characteristics of a real shark By simply holding the Shark Puppet cross armed the novice could bring movement to the tail to give the Shark puppet a look of actually swimming. For advance puppet handlers the Large Great White Shark Puppet shown below can actually eat things. The Puppet handler can grab plush fish, plush seals or whatever and pull it into the belly of the shark. What classroom of students would not love to see a Large Great White Shark Puppet eat something even if it is just in fun. The Large Great White Shark puppet is relatively easy for even the novice to handle with an easy to work mouth and tail. With subtle movements you can make the Large Great White Shark puppets eyes roll and make other minor movements that can add a lot to the realism to the Shark. Best of all with Shark puppets or any animal puppets students attention levels increase and chances for combining learning with fun is achieved. For story time or play time Shark Puppets are play fun for children and adults.

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