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Are Animals left handed? August 13 is Left hand Awareness day

lemur plush stuffed animal toy

Lemurs show a definite tendency towards using their left hand.

red parrot macaw plush stuffed animal

Parrot Macaws are left handed

flounder plush stuffed fish toy

Flounders have both eyes on their left side

This August 13 is International Left Hand Day, Awareness which begs the question, are animals left handed ? Since communication with animals is not possible observation is our only source for answering this question. According to Brewnog at the first almost universal agreement is that Parrots Macaw birds are left handed. The land animals that are next in line that appear to be left handed are bears, wolves and badgers.  In the ocean Flounders appear to be left handed as both eyes are on the left side and lobsters appear to be left handed or in their case left clawed. In the jungle Apes, Lemurs and Galagos also appear to be often left handed. Domestic dogs and cats can show tendencies toward being left handed however, since treats are often involved this can be a learned response instead of a natural tendency. Kate P at at states that research shows Polar Bears are 80% left handed, dogs 20% and cats are 39% left handed or left pawed to be more technical. As a definitive answer to the question, are animals left handed is simple, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Certain animals definitely are almost entirely left handed like the Polar Bear or show tendencies toward being left handed for strength and coordination. While no animal just like no human shows exclusivity toward using the right or left it is clear that for many animals the left hand is the preferred means of grasping, clawing, retrieving or inspecting. As you celebrate August 13 Left Hand Awareness Day raise a toast to  the animals in the world who are also part of that special group of individuals that were selected by nature to be left handed. If you are looking for a left handed animal to help celebrate August 13 Left Hand Awareness day you may wish to review the wildlife plush stuffed animals available like the lemur, flounder, parrot, macaw, polar bear, wolf or badger.

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