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Leopard, Frog and Penguin Backpacks for Back to School Fun Fashion and Function

leopard backpack child youthBack to School is right around the corner and for many children it will be a new adventure. To carry those special items to day care of Kindergarten some children might love the new Leopard backpack, the Penguin Backpack or the Frog Backpack from Animal World. With adorable animal features the Leopard, Frog or Penguin backpacks come to life as soon as the child puts one on. Each of the animal backpacks comes with fully adjustable shoulder straps and a small center loop strap for hanging it up when at school. School can sometimes be an intimidating situation so anything that helps the child feel more comfortable or confident like the animal backpacks is a good idea. If a child loves safari animals the Leopard Backpack would be a good choice. With a few items in the zippered area the stomach on the Leopard pushes out and will make you smile.penguin backpack child youth Leopards have camouflage brown, gold black spots just like the Leopard backpack so children make believe their best friend is their leopard who is riding on and watching their back. Other children may prefer the Penguin backpack. With various movies about penguins and cartoons a lot of children have fallen in love with these bird of the Antarctic that don’t fly but waddle and swim like a fish. If children are not partial to the hot safari or frigid Antarctic animals they may love the water especially with Summer drawing to a close. For these children the Frog backpack may be a fun choice. Many children may even be nicknamed Frog or been told they swim or dive like a frog. frog backpack youth childCertainly no one will miss the Frog backpack with it’s vibrant bright green, yellow and cream colors. Whether children like safari leopard backpacks, cold frigid animals like the penguin back or water lover fans of the Frog backpacks all children can be happy with the animal backpacks designed for function and fun.

Leopard Backpacks for Children Animal Backpack Fun

leopard backbackLeopards are always a popular animal because of the patterned spots throughout it’s coat. Children love Leopards because they are easy to identify and remember. The Leopard Backpack combines fun and fashion for children. With adjustable straps the Leopard backpack can work easily for young children of all sizes. A zipper allows easy access to the body of the Leopard backpack where children can carry small books, toys, overnight pajamas or light school supplies. For Leopard enthusiasts looking for additional leopard gifts there are Leopard plush stuffed animals, figurines, earrings, toy miniatures, crossing signs, t shirts, and key chains. For the Christmas Holiday gift giving season the Leopard backpack might be a especially helpful when a child wants to carry favorite toys for trips to relatives over the holidays or to neighbors homes.

The Animal World December coupon Code for December 2009 is “reindeer” giving returning customers 10% off on their total purchase.

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