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Dog Breed Plates from Porcelain by Rosalinde Gift Collectors Items

Porcelain Bulldog Plate
Bulldog Plate Porcelain

For over 20 years Porcelain by Rosalinde supplied the dog lover market with their trademark white porcelain with specific dog breed artwork. Featuring dog illustrations by dog artists McCartney and Vladimier the Porcelain by Rosalinde dog plates with gold trim, dog cookie jars, dog lover mugs, dog lover tea sets and dog shot glasses became a staple item for dog gift store specialists like Animal World. Unfortunately with the economic downturn of 2008 coupled with the inability to secure a consistent supply of base product Porcelain by Rosalinde discontinued operations in 2009. With this unfortunate event the supply of porcelain dog lover gifts has dwindled to the point where many consider them potential collector items. Plates have historically been a favorite item for collectors and this also holds true for dog lover plates like the Gold Trim Dog Breed Plates produced by Porcelain by Rosalinde. Measuring 5” in diameter the Dog Breed Plates feature a gold trim which highlights and frames the beautiful pen and ink dog breed artwork by Vladimier. Each specific dog breed artwork was part of Porcelain by Rosalinde best in show campaign. Only dogs that were best in show were used as subjects for Vladimier dog artwork. The result was a very high level standard for each specific dog breed artwork. According to Nickie at Animal World the dog breed plates are good sellers and it is a shame stock is running low due to the limited supply.

Porcelain Rosalinde Lhasa Apso Plate
Porcelain  Lhasa Apso Plate

Dog breed plates are popular because in their own way they immortalize not only someone’s favorite breed but they also bring long deserved recognition to the breed as a whole. In their classic white with black pen and ink artwork the dog breed plates provide instant dog lover home décor and are universally appropriate for dog breed lovers of all ages.

 Dog Breed Plate article by Steve Forrest Writer 

Porcelain Lhasa Apso Plate Photography by Steve Forrest

Porcelain Bulldog Plate Photography by Steve Forrest

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