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New Lion Crossing Sign Artwork for Lion Gifts Store Enthusiasts

lion crossing sign usa
Lion Crossing Sign USA

Lions are native to the Serengeti plains of Africa however Lion Crossing Signs can be found anywhere in the world. With their trademark mane hair the Lion Crossing Sign features new artwork featuring the Lions face with mane. Animal Crossing Signs like the Lion at made in the USA of durable aluminum the new Lion Crossing Sign is designed for outdoor use and comes with a prepunched hole for ease of hanging on a fence, post, tree or any other required location. Since the main focus of the Lion Crossing Sign is the new Lion artwork the Lion sign is also perfect for display inside on any wall or door. Although Lions are native to Africa, Lions can be found throughout America at zoos and at homes where actual homeowners take care of their own pet lion. For zoos the Lion Crossing Sign can educate visitors that they are quickly approaching the Lion habitat. For people who actually own a lion the lion sign acts as a real life or death warning to unwary visitors to the area that a real lion encounter is possible and that one definitely in the vicinity. For Lion Gifts Store lover enthusiasts with their own lion lovers lair featuring plush stuffed animals, figurines, blanket throw tapestries and other lion theme collectibles the lion crossing sign can act as a friendly warning that they are in the midst of a lion lover. For schools or universities that already use the lion as a mascot, the lion crossing sign can be hung on the walls and doors of building or throughout campus to show promote school spirit. Teachers can also utilize the Lion Crossing Sign to help set the mood for exiting education and imaginary adventures to the African Serengeti where man is not the top of the food chain. Of course for Leo Lion Zodiac gift ideas the Lion Crossing Sign or any of the Lion gifts store items make exceptional options.

Lion Crossing Sign Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Lion Crossing Sign Photo by Steve Forrest Writer VideoPhotography

New Office of the King Lion Crossing Sign for Leo Zodiac or Office Boss Gift Fun

Office of King Lion Crossing SignFor Astrological Zodiac Sign enthusiasts the new Office of the King Lion Crossing Sign is an automatic for Leo Zodiac Sign gift lovers. As a reminder the dates for the Leo Zodiac Sign are birthdays between and including July 23 to August 22. Therefore, for people searching for gift ideas for the Leo in your life the new Office of the King Lion Crossing Sign might be the perfect gift. Featuring the classic bright yellow diamond shaped design the Office of the King Lion Crossing Sign is made of durable aluminum and measures just under 17″ high x 17″ wide. Designed for use for outdoor safety function or indoor decor fun the Office of the King Lion Crossing Sign has a convenient hole at the top for ease of hanging on a post, fence or anywhere necessary to evoke or warn others that an encounter with a lion or a Zodiac Leo is potential and thus visitors have been duly forewarned. In addition to it’s natural use for Leo Zodiac sign enthusiasts it also is the perfect gift for any boss or even for any father. Whether presented as a Christmas gift, office party gift or for a Father’s Day gift the new Office of the King Lion Crossing Sign will bring a smile and humor to the gift recipient as well as all those closest or simply casual observers. Best of all as with all animal crossing signs the new Office of the King Lion Crossing Sign is made in the USA which is a triumph for patriotism and keeps America at work here at home.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Lion Crossing Sign is Wildlife Animals function and fun

lion crossing signLions do not roam the wilds of America like wolves, bears or coyotes but Lion Crossing Signs may be very useful around zoos, wildlife habitats and maybe schools or universities where Lions are the adopted mascot. Made in the USA of recycled American aluminum the Lion Crossing Sign is ready to provide safety information for zoo visitors or home decor for lion animal enthusiasts. Lions are known as the king of all animals over which they preside on the Savannah. For this reason it is imperative to announce the lions presence to all that come close to it’s lair. Lions can take many shapes and forms. In business the lion may be the boss, the leader, the coach or some other person in charge. For schools or universities where they have adopted the lion as a mascot the lion crossing will allow visiting teams a warning that they are on enemy territory. Classrooms often also take on animal names, for lion classroom team members the Lion Crossing Sign can be a rallying point and banner for students. Lion collectors are often looking for ways to announce their lion collection to others. The Lion Crossing Sign is a perfect way to announce to family and visitors to their collection of lion gifts store figurines, plush stuffed animals, blanket throw tapestries, mugs, toy miniatures, t shirts and pillows. Lion crossing signs are perfect for use outdoors or indoors and are designed with a prepunched hole for easy hanging on a wall, post, fence or anywhere anyone needs to be warned regarding impending encounters with lions or their memorabilia.

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