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Celebrate March with Lion Plush Stuffed Animals and Lion Toy Miniatures.

lion stuffed animal plush
Lion Plush Stuffed Animal

When it comes to the end of Winter it doesn’t go away without one last show or in the case of weather one good blow and usually many. When the cold fronts of Winter are met by the warm fronts of Spring there is usually a weather war which produces strong winds. To describe these phenomenon weather reporters would exclaim that March is coming in like a Lion. With the roaring high winds, strong gusts and typical blustery conditions it is easy to understand why a lion was used to describe the winds of early to mid March. Since you can’t see the wind the Lion was the perfect animal to utilize in describing these high winds and since you can’t safely handle either there is a dilemma. A solution to this problem is offered by Mary at Animal World. She recommends celebrating March with some of their Lion Gifts Store items including Lion plush stuffed animals, lion toy miniatures, lion figurines and even a lion blanket throw tapestry. Perfect for any classroom the Lion Plush Stuffed Animals could easily lend a symbolic reference point to representing the strong winds of early March.

lion toy miniature
Lion Toy Miniature

For younger classrooms the smaller Lion Toy Miniatures might be an even better choice to represent the month of March roaring like a lion. For creative imaginative month of March decorating the Lion blanket throw tapestry and Lion figurine statues could entertain in eye catching protected display.

Month of March Lion Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

New Lion Crossing Sign Artwork for Lion Gifts Store Enthusiasts

lion crossing sign usa
Lion Crossing Sign USA

Lions are native to the Serengeti plains of Africa however Lion Crossing Signs can be found anywhere in the world. With their trademark mane hair the Lion Crossing Sign features new artwork featuring the Lions face with mane. Animal Crossing Signs like the Lion at made in the USA of durable aluminum the new Lion Crossing Sign is designed for outdoor use and comes with a prepunched hole for ease of hanging on a fence, post, tree or any other required location. Since the main focus of the Lion Crossing Sign is the new Lion artwork the Lion sign is also perfect for display inside on any wall or door. Although Lions are native to Africa, Lions can be found throughout America at zoos and at homes where actual homeowners take care of their own pet lion. For zoos the Lion Crossing Sign can educate visitors that they are quickly approaching the Lion habitat. For people who actually own a lion the lion sign acts as a real life or death warning to unwary visitors to the area that a real lion encounter is possible and that one definitely in the vicinity. For Lion Gifts Store lover enthusiasts with their own lion lovers lair featuring plush stuffed animals, figurines, blanket throw tapestries and other lion theme collectibles the lion crossing sign can act as a friendly warning that they are in the midst of a lion lover. For schools or universities that already use the lion as a mascot, the lion crossing sign can be hung on the walls and doors of building or throughout campus to show promote school spirit. Teachers can also utilize the Lion Crossing Sign to help set the mood for exiting education and imaginary adventures to the African Serengeti where man is not the top of the food chain. Of course for Leo Lion Zodiac gift ideas the Lion Crossing Sign or any of the Lion gifts store items make exceptional options.

Lion Crossing Sign Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Lion Crossing Sign Photo by Steve Forrest Writer VideoPhotography

Large Lion Plush Stuffed Animal Toy is Super Fun

large lion plush stuffed animal toy
X-Large Lion Plush Stuffed Toy Animal 

It is stated that the king of the jungle is the lion. This is probably true in the pecking order of animals found in Africa, however, the majority of the world’s population will never be able to witness this magnificent animal in it’s native habitat. In contrast, everyone can celebrate this beautiful animal with the X-Large Lion Plush Stuffed Animal Toy called “Leonardo” found online at Animal World. Made with realistic golden, brown, tan soft plush and featuring a trademark flowing mane with tufted tail the X-Large Lion Stuffed Toy Plush Animal is affectionately named “Leonardo”. Produced by Aurora Toys the Lion plush toy measures a x large 28″ long x  15″ wide x 10″high and most wildlife plush stuffed animal toy enthusiasts comment that when they hug it, it seems the Lion stuffed animal is returning a hug. This is actually happening, since in order to hug a large stuffed animal have to squeeze it, since it is filled with springy plush it actually is pushing back in other words hugging back. Always popular with wildlife stuffed animal lovers the Large Lion Plush Toy is also perfect as a school mascot, business mascot or in classroom for education and projects. Some imaginative school teachers allow students to check it out and have a picture taken of the Lion plush stuffed toy in famous travel locations like New York City, Grand Canyon, Washington monument, Golden Gate bridge or simply a trip to the lake or beach. Lion plush stuffed animal toys are available in a variety of sizes and styles. A great place to start a search for additional lion plush toy stuffed animals is online with lion gifts store specialists.

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal "Savanah" by TY

Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal SavanahMost people will never be able to hold a real lion cub but everyone has the opportunity to hold, love and nurture the new Lion Cub plush stuffed animal “Savanah” by TY. With it’s adorable big eyes, soft light golden, cream colored plush this Lion stuffed animal appears to be looking for someone to provide a loving home. TY has long been famous for their Beanie Baby line of pocket size wildlife plush stuffed animals. Wildlife lovers often venture to zoos or wildlife habitat preserves to witness in person animals like the lion. Often in these areas new born lion cubs become a popular attraction. After the visit is over many children and adults want a reminder of this special memory. To satisfy this need the Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal Savanah TY certainly fills this heartfelt need. Likewise for travelers who have had the trip of a lifetime to the real Serengeti in Africa may also wish to capture this special memory with the TY Savanah Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal. Travel agents are also looking for ways to entice potential Safari travelers with attractive presentation displays and giveaways. The TY Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal Savanah would accomplish this task with style. Teachers can also provide the Lion Cub plush stuffed animal for inspection by students for a hands on imaginary realistic experience. Whatever the purpose, from education, to business, to travel the best reason for acquiring the TY Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal Savanah is the original reason for every plush toy, simple soft, lovable play fun. Lion gifts store enthusiasts will be thrilled to add the Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal to their collection of lion blankets, toy miniatures, t shirts, figurines, pillow, puppet, neckties, earrings, keychain, and crossing sign

Lion Puppet by Folkmanis is King of the Beasts fun

Lion Puppet by Folkmanis is King of the Beast’s fun for children and adults. As with all puppets they rely on people to bring them to life with their own unique personality, charisma and animation. This Lion puppet is so easy to work with it’s already engaging face with bright eyes, beautiful mane, striking markings and realistic body. Teachers love animal puppets and the Folkmanis Lion Puppet will bring color and realism to story time. The story possibilities are endless from the Wizard of Oz, to The Adventures of Narnia, The Lion King and any other book that might involve a Lion. Likewise, students can also use the Lion Puppet to help make book reports, school projects or presentations grab the attention of teachers and fellow students. As demonstrated by Folkmanis Puppets experts at gift shows the best way to work the Lion Puppet is using the cross armed pose. With your preferred hand working the mouth the puppeteer can work the mouth and create other lifelike movements like breathing, cheek movement, eyebrow raising, neck turning and other subtleties that all help give the Lion Puppet personality and realism. With the opposite hand to create movement from the tail, the leg, the stomach from underneath where it remains unseen. Lion Puppets are just one of many Lion Gifts Store items that make Lions a popular animal for animal enthusiasts. Animal enthusiasts are joined by people who follow astrology. For them Leo the Lion is always a popular Zodiac sign. Leo the Lion is known for strength, leadership and ready to take action. All these same qualities are captured in the Lion Puppet and as the puppeteer provides the lifelike energy to the presentation arena people are entertained, educated and provide their own synergy for a truly unique imaginary experience.

Lion Crossing Sign is Wildlife Animals function and fun

lion crossing signLions do not roam the wilds of America like wolves, bears or coyotes but Lion Crossing Signs may be very useful around zoos, wildlife habitats and maybe schools or universities where Lions are the adopted mascot. Made in the USA of recycled American aluminum the Lion Crossing Sign is ready to provide safety information for zoo visitors or home decor for lion animal enthusiasts. Lions are known as the king of all animals over which they preside on the Savannah. For this reason it is imperative to announce the lions presence to all that come close to it’s lair. Lions can take many shapes and forms. In business the lion may be the boss, the leader, the coach or some other person in charge. For schools or universities where they have adopted the lion as a mascot the lion crossing will allow visiting teams a warning that they are on enemy territory. Classrooms often also take on animal names, for lion classroom team members the Lion Crossing Sign can be a rallying point and banner for students. Lion collectors are often looking for ways to announce their lion collection to others. The Lion Crossing Sign is a perfect way to announce to family and visitors to their collection of lion gifts store figurines, plush stuffed animals, blanket throw tapestries, mugs, toy miniatures, t shirts and pillows. Lion crossing signs are perfect for use outdoors or indoors and are designed with a prepunched hole for easy hanging on a wall, post, fence or anywhere anyone needs to be warned regarding impending encounters with lions or their memorabilia.

Lion Blanket and Pillow Throw Tapestry for safari lover home decor

lion blanket throw safari skyNothing captures the wild feeling of the African safari like a lion and lioness upon a plateau looking over their domain or the solitary lion male looking over a zebra herd. This gorgeous feeling and artwork is captured in the Lion Blanket Throw Tapestry shown in the pictures. Made in USA of 3 ply 100% cotton the Lion blanket throw tapestries represent the workmanship and craftsmanship of home decor items like these animal blanket throw tapestries. For home decor the Lion blankets can offer a safari flavor through display or framing on a wall, draping it across a sofa or chair, or laid across a bed. For businesses looking for beautiful gifts for visitors from another country the animal blanket tapestries like the Lion throw blankets make an excellent choice since that way the visitor is bring home a souvenir from America that is made in America. lion pillowThe Lion Pillow is a perfect complimentary item to the lion blanket throw tapestry. Alone or in pairs the lion pillow shares the same artwork as the lion blanket throw tapestry shown at the bottom. For Americans fortunate enough to actually go on a safari the Lion blanket throw tapestries are a beautiful way to relive this special memory. For people that follow zodiac symbols Leo the lion is the symbol for anyone born between July 23 and August. Leo the lion is the symbol for anyone born during those dates. Leo Lion zodiac fan enthusiasts may appreciate all the lion gifts store items like the blanket throw tapestries, plush stuffed animals, pillows, earrings, puppets, toy miniatures, figurines, neckties, crossing signs, keychains, mugs, t shirts and picture frames. lion blanket throw lions prideSchools of course often adopt lions as a rally point for school morale and spirit. The same way Lion Blanket throw tapestries can be used in home decor they can also be beneficial in school classroom, hallway or office. For business, schools or home decor the Lion Blanket Throw Tapestry serves well but the wonderful thing is many other unexplored uses are also available. The lion blanket features beautiful artwork and of course it is also perfect for warmth on a chilly day.

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