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New Lion T Shirt for Leo King of the Forest Lover

lion t shirtThe Lion T Shirt is for anyone who feels like they are the king of their forest. Printed in the USA by Animal World this Lion T Shirt features the bold face of a male lion with it’s majestic looking full mane. Made of 100% natural color cotton this Lion T Shirt is available in children and adult sizes. With such a wide range of sizes available all members of the family can wear this unique lion fashion fun. Organizations like the Lions Club can outfit all their members with Lion face T Shirts like the one shown for unity, spirit and morale. Similarly many schools and universities use the Lion as a symbol for the characteristics they wish to represent. Colleges like Penn State are known as the Nittney Lions. For students Penn State University supporters the Lion T Shirt can achieve these results. Many other sports related groups like swimming teams, Boy Scouts and wildlife organizations may also utilize the lion as the focal point of their activities. Lions play such an important role in everyone’s view of wildlife it is imperative that their place in the animal world be preserved. Having the reputation as king of the forest the lion has a huge responsibility in the animal kingdom to assume. The Lion T shirt provides recognition of this beautiful animal and helps educate all who wear or witness this shirt as a reminder of this beautiful creature of the safari.

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