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Frilled Lizard Plush Stuffed Animal of Today resembles Prehistoric Dinosaur of Past

frilled lizard plush stuffed animalEveryone who ever watched the original Jurassic Park remembers the scene where Dennis Nedry driving the jeep runs off the road and is later attacked and eaten by a frilled lizard like dinosaur. Today there exists a real animal called a Frilled Lizard which in many ways looks very similar to this dinosaur of the past. Made by Fiesta and available online at Animal World the Frilled Lizard Plush Stuffed Animal Toy is features prehistoric looks while simultaneously depicted the current day real Frilled Lizard animal. Featuring green black shiny scale like patterned plush, long tail, alert eyes, open mouth with soft felt teeth and the cobra like fan pattern, the Frilled Lizard plush stuffed animal toy replica provides an educational unforgettable realism. Native to the island of Australia Frilled Lizards are active mainly during the day and are famous for moving very fast on just it’s two hind legs. Frilled Lizards like so many animals have learned how to camouflage themselves to whatever habitat they are in mainly by changing their color. Famous for their frilled fan like appearance, Frilled Lizards will create this look when frightened or as a way to help regulate body temperature similar to a radiator. For decorators trying to create desert look decor for Australian travel bureaus or Australian education the Frilled Lizard plush stuffed animal creates a realistic down under look on a display of sand or rocks. For students and teacher projects or research into unique Australian animals the Frilled Lizard Plush Stuffed Animal makes an easy prop, center for discussion or hands on up close safe animal examination. For Lizard Gifts Store enthusiasts the Frilled Lizard Plush Stuffed Animal makes a wonderful addition to a collection filled with lizard blanket throw tapestries, toy miniatures and various other lizard stuffed animal plush toys.

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