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Llama Gifts for animal and pet lovers

llama plush stuffed animal toy paddy douglasMost people think of dogs or cats when they think of pets, however, for many on farms or with acreage a Llama can be a popular pet. For those who do not have the means to have a llama as a pet petting farms and zoos allow people the opportunity to be close to their favorite animal. For all Llama animal or pet lovers there are a host of wonderful Llama gifts. Llama gifts store items include llama plush stuffed animals, earrings, figurine, crossing sign, puppet, porcelain jar and mug. The Llama Plush Stuffed Animal Toys are wonderful because they are very soft, hug able, love able and they can be carried anywhere so friendly companionship is always close. The Llama Figurine is perfect for display on shelves, the mantle, curio cabinets or as trophies during llama competitions. Llama earrings bring fun fashion for llama lovers in casual or dress up. Made in the USA the Llama earrings are made of gold on brass with intricate detail in French Wire design. The Llama Puppet is great for education, teacher’s classroom or just animal puppet fun. Designed for puppeteers of all ages it has an easy to work mouth, face and with skill expression. Similarly, with the free hand you can work the legs, tail and give it the illusion of breathing. Best of all with any animal puppet like the Llama Puppet you can bring to it your own unique personality. For function the Llama crossing sign provides outdoor warning to travelers and visitors that Llamas are in the area that require an extra margin for safety. The Llama crossing sign can also be used for indoor home decor where a llama gifts collection needs declaration as to it’s importance to the llama lover. The Llama porcelain jar can be utilized for multitude of uses from use as a sugar bowl, to candy to jewelry. The Llama mug makes the morning coffee break a better start for any day. llama plush stuffed animal toy lena douglasFrom the Llama Plush Stuffed Animal toys to the figurine, earrings, puppet, crossing sign, porcelain jar or mug there are lots of great llama animal and pet lover gifts for birthdays, Christmas, office gifts, enthusiasts and collectors.

Llama Puppets for educational imaginative play fun.

llama puppet folkmanisPuppets are special because they actually come to life under the direction of anyone brave enough to put let their personality be played out in animation. The new Llama puppet by Folkmanis combines a great look with realistic plush feel and pose to create a stage for the animal puppeteer. As with most Folkmanis puppets it is designed to be handled cross armed. Use your favored hand to work the mouth and give expressions to the eyes, forehead and neck area. With your free hand you can provide movement to the legs and tail by manipulating with simple movement of fingers and wrist. With a little practice in front of a mirror the Llama puppet can be worked like a professional and with it comes an ability to entertain friends, educate students, animate plays, productions and all the while having a good time. Animal puppets like the llama puppet are available in a variety of animals, pets, birds, ocean animals and even insects. Puppets have a long history but never before have they been as well done and as realistic as the current line available.

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