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Llama Toy Miniatures learning play fun at Animal World

llama toy miniature
Llama Toy Miniature @

America may not have camels; however, the very similar Llamas are very predominant across the USA. Usually found on Farms and raised for their wool and milk Llamas have become very popular. With this popularity has come the need to provide llama animal toy miniatures to satisfy the needs of Llama lovers who cannot have their own real llamas. Made by Safari Toys and featured online by animal toy miniatures specialist Animal World the new Llama toy miniature are very realistic. Designed for children’s small hands, the Llama toy miniatures most popular use is for interactive, imaginative, learning play fun. Smart Teachers will also recognize the education possibilities of the llama toy miniatures. With the Llama toys a teacher can point to various features of a llama without the dangers or problems dealing with a real llama. In a similar vein, students can examine up close in miniature the same details made note of by the teacher turning it on it’s side or even upside down all in complete safety. These same maneuvers would be impossible with a real llama but are done effortlessly with the Llama toy miniature. For students wishing to create a farm animal display or diorama can easily incorporate the Llama toy miniature in pens or roaming free in a more pastoral setting. Businesses that endorse products from Llamas such as their wool or their milk could use the Llama toy miniatures as a gift to clients or potential future customers. Animal toy miniatures today have broadened their reach from it’s historical use as simply a child’s toy to educational use in the classroom, to the boardroom where they are an inspiration to marketing the animal to current business clients and future businesses.

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Photo by Safari Toys

New Llama Toy Miniature to the Animal Toys rescue

llama toy miniature replica

Llama Toy Miniature Replica

Three years ago the Llama Toy Miniature was one of the most popular animal toy miniatures. Then inexplicably the Llama Toy Miniature was retired and pulled out of production by the company producing it. For 2011 Safari Animal Toys has come to the rescue and released their own new Llama Toy Miniature Replica. Featuring incredible detail, correct colors and made of safe durable bendable plastic. The new Llama Toy Miniature is the perfect for school farm animal projects, business client relationships, creative art displays and learning, creative, imaginative play fun. Llamas are as much a part of farm life as cow, pigs, chickens, goats and geese. Llamas are part of the camel family and have taken on their role as beast of burden with strength, stamina and conviction. Llamas also have a look of aristocracy and regal in the way they present themselves with their head held high. This aloof pose is captured in the Llama Toy Miniature Replica. This may also be the reason people looking to adopt farm animals as pets have often chosen llamas. Llamas are also cult popular because they are so unique in their look, their posture and their stubborn camel like attitude.  This is why the Llama toy miniature was so sorely missed when it was taken out of production 3 years ago and why the new Llama Toy Miniature Replica release is considered a rescue for llama lover and animal toy collectors. Llamas are an amazing animal of American history and the new Llama Toy Miniature Replica will bring attention back to all the public through hands on learning, education, creative and imaginative ideas. Animal Toy Miniatures like the llama are made with safe durable bendable plastic which allows intricate detail and applications unavailable with fragile stone figurines. Llama gifts store lovers will be especially happy to add the Llama toy miniature replica to their collection of llama plush stuffed animals,  earrings, puppet, figurine, porcelain jar and mug.

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