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Why would people need a Lobster Crossing Sign?

lobster crossing signWhy in the world would anyone ever need a Lobster Crossing Sign? If Lobsters are only found on the ocean floor and not on the street why would anyone need a lobster crossing sign. The answer is simple, people love to have fun and nothing strikes the humor chord better that being warned about something as out of place as a warning regarding lobsters on dry land. For example as you approach a seafood restaurant that specializes in lobster a Lobster Crossing would immediately put you in the mood for those succulent morsels of tasty lobster. For businesses that specialize in the fishing for lobster the lobster crossing sign could adorn the office or reception area. In fact if you were fortunate enough to actually venture out on the docks where the lobster boats tie up you could actually come across a stray lobster that spilled off a boat during the transfer of lobster to tanks that would be brought on shore. Nicknames also span the universe of possibilities and undoubtedly someone has been given the Lobster moniker. For them the Lobster Crossing Sign is a warning to all that anyone with a nickname like “Lobster” is not to be trifled with and has been duly warned. In addition today people gain an affinity to just about any animal imaginable. Some animal enthusiasts just to be different may even chose lobsters as their favorite animal. There is even a Lobster Gifts Store online that features a variety of lobster plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, earrings, figurines, fan pulls, sun catchers and even neckties to satisfy this unusual need. For these unique Lobster enthusiasts the best way to announce their love for this large claw crustacean of the ocean is with a Lobster Crossing Sign. It is a healthy sign as a human race that we like good nature humor and to be surprised. The Lobster Crossing Sign makes us laugh, joke, puts us in a good mood and isn’t that what life should be, a time to smile and enjoy intelligent good humor even if it originally catches one off guard.

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