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Symbol of USA Olympic Spirit Captured in Eagle Blanket Throw Tapestry

Eagle Blanket Throw Tapestry USA
Bald Eagle Blanket Throw Tapestry USA

The 2012 London Olympics have been a huge success for the USA Olympic Team. At the heart of every athlete’s moment of pride is the opportunity and honor to represent their country the USA. Capturing the spirit of every American athletes dream is the Eagle Blanket Throw Tapestry. Patriotically made in the USA on production looms located in North Carolina the Eagle Blanket Throw Tapestry features the symbol our Nation a Bald Eagle in it’s native natural wild habitat. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton the Eagle Blanket Throw Tapestry measures a wall covering 68″ wide x 51″ high. Every aspiring athlete needs inspiration as a center focal point from which to endure the hardship of becoming a world class athlete. The addition of the Eagle Blanket Throw Tapestry to a young athletes bedroom or sports room wall decor may provide the perfect inner spirit strength necessary to see them through to the finish line. Whether mounted majestically on a wall, draped elegantly across a sofa or neatly laid on a bed the Eagle Throw Blanket Afghan is ready to provide patriotic pride to future Olympic athletes or Americans with strong USA Olympic fan enthusiasm. Mary Ann at Animal World notes “the opportunity to acquire a symbol of the USA like the Eagle Blanket throw tapestry is a required American artwork indulgence, what makes the discovery even sweeter is the fact that it is made in the USA.”

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

London Olympics made Flying Squirrel Toy Figurine Miniatures Popular

flying squirrel toy miniature

With the recent 2012 London Olympics gymnastic competition the term flying squirrel became a way of describing participants as they flew threw the air when competing in the uneven parallel bars. This was an excellent way to define the gymnasts flying threw the air connected by alternating grabbing the bars as the hub to their spiraling twists, jumps and leaps. The inspiration for the term flying squirrel of course is the real flying squirrel animal. Many people have no idea what a flying squirrel looks like however the flying squirrel toy miniature shown above and offered online by animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World is a totally realistic representation. Featuring the wing like skin that forms a natural flying surface between the upper and lower legs the Flying Squirrel Figurine Miniature is so realistic looking it appears ready to fly at a moments notice. As a symbol for the women’s gymnastic competition during this 2012 London Olympics the Flying Squirrel Toys are ready to take on their new role of mascot and inspiration for aspiring young gymnasts all over the nation and around the world. Expanding on the theme Flying Squirrel gifts store enthusiasts may also be interested in the flying squirrel plush stuffed animal toy or hand puppet.  Just like the London Olympics Gymnastic competitors, the real life flying squirrel flies from unparalleled branch to branch in it’s real life competition to survive within it’s own forest treed gymnasium natural habitat. 

Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Welsh Corgi Dog Figurines are London Olympics Personified

When it comes to the unofficial mascot of the London Olympics it has to be the Welsh Corgi dog shown quite often shown literally underfoot with the Queen. If you wish to be apropos with regard to London Olympics home decor you may want to decorate your Olympic viewing room with Welsh Corgi dog figurines. Featured online by animal and pet theme gifts retailer Animal World there are actually 3 different Welsh Corgi dog figurines from which to choose. Made by Sandicast the Welsh Corgi dog figurines are made of cast stone and feature detailed hand painting. Capturing the exuberance of real Welsh Corgi dogs the Sandicast Welsh Corgi dog figurines look so realistic passers by are sure to do a double take.

Dog statue figurines normally serve just those who currently own the breed, but, with the exposure Welsh Corgis received during the London Olympics opening ceremonies for many they are now one of the most endearing of all the symbols for the current London Olympics. So for those who wish to enjoy the London Olympics and want to show off their enthusiasm, the Welsh Corgi Figurines by Sandicast Statues may be just the ticket. For Welsh Corgi London Olympics enthusiasts any of the Welsh Corgi gifts store items including plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, throw blankets, t shirts, doormat, mousepad, toy miniature, porcelain jar, welsh corgi picture photo frame, keychain, plate, shot glass and flag might complete the ensemble.

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