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Should Dogs Wear Clothes? CIP Maltese Plush Stuffed Animal Toy "Ki Ki"

maltese plush stuffed animal toy
Maltese Plush Stuffed Animal Toy “Ki Ki”
There is currently an ongoing argument as to whether dogs should wear clothes or whether that is taking dog lover enthusiasm to a new level of insanity. The majority of people would argue that, definitely dogs shouldn’t wear clothes. Others more forgiving, believe dogs wearing clothes is as natural as people wearing clothes and they claim dogs look naked with out them. Whichever side you take on the issue the new Maltese Plush Stuffed AnimalToy  “Ki Ki” is inarguably resplendent wearing its bright purple outfit. Contrasting the bright white soft plush of the Maltese Stuffed Animal Toy with the striking purple outfit the result is a rather stunning dog fashion statement. In fact the author although claiming to be against endorsing dogs with clothes reluctantly admits that the Maltese stuffed animal with the purple outfit does in this case look better with than without. Therefore, it would seem at least for certain dogs more than likely from the toy dog group, do look better with clothes. This Maltese Stuffed Animal Plush Toy is a new release from dog plush stuffed animal toy online retailer Animal World According to Mary the buyer at Animal World “we have tried to hold true to animals in their natural look, however, we try to keep an open mind and with regard to the Maltese Plush Stuffed Animal Toy in the purple outfit, it does give it a great if not natural look for today’s fashion minded dog enthusiasts. Also if someone doesn’t like the Purple outfit it is easily removed from the Maltese plush toy stuffed animal. So the buyer can have the best of both worlds.” The Maltese Stuffed Toy dog does for example make an excellent gift for a young girl who loves Maltese dogs, but, who’s family either doesn’t want the time and expense of a real dog or they live in a situation where dogs are not allowed. For these dilemmas, the Maltese plush stuffed animal toy dog with the elegant Purple outfit is a win, win situation. The Maltese stuffed toy animal with the purple outfit may also become the embodiment and symbol for people who just love the color purple. For them the purple sweater on the Maltese plush toy becomes more the focal point as a representative of the color purple than the importance of the specific breed. This in essence opens up an entirely new sector of potential buyers for this dog plush stuffed toy who simply like the color purple. Whether consumers like the Maltese dog breed, or the color purple, all can agree the Maltese plush stuffed animal toy has an adorable, if not irresistible look. The debate will obviously go on with regard to whether dogs should wear clothes, however, in the case of the Maltese plush stuffed animal toy the verdict is in, it looks better with clothes.   

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Photo by Douglas Toys

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