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Manatee Crossing Signs save lives for wildlife education

manatee crossing sign
Manatees are truly one of the most unique animals in all the world. Truly an animal of peace Manatees habitat consists of the warm inland waterways of the world usually in more tropical climates. With a diet of plants Manatees are not a threat to any of the animals that share their waters. Unfortunately the only dangers Manatees face are man made and entirely preventable. Sharing the waterways with Manatees are speed boats with motors that have spinning props which cut into the manatees leaving them hurt badly at minimum and at worse case killed. No one we hope hurts Manatees on purpose so the best remedy is prevention. The best prevention of these tragedies is education and the best education to prevent needless injury is Manatee Crossing Signs. Manatee Crossing Signs found at Manatee gifts stores can warn boaters to slow down and travel slowly to prevent contact with the slow moving Manatees. Since Manatee move slowly they are unable to react fast enough to get out of the way of fast moving boats. In addition any boater must realize that the water is the home of the manatee so as a boater you are a visitor and guest, so show respect in the Manatee’s home. Since Manatees are such a special, lovable and beautiful animal many manatee enthusiasts take on Manatees as their favorite animal. They may collect from Manatee gifts store such collectibles as Manatee plush stuffed animals, figurines, t shirts, earrings, toy miniatures, mugs and to set off their collection they may get a Manatee Crossing sign. With a Manatee Crossing sign they can inform visitors to their home that they are in the presence of a Manatee enthusiast and wildlife love. The person might use the Manatee Crossing sign for indoor use as mentioned or for outdoor use where Manatees may actually be known to exist. Because of their beloved nature many clubs select the Manatee as their club mascot. In those cases Manatee Crossing signs can be used as fund raisers and for party decor. Schools often adopt animals for school or for environmental projects. For them Manatee crossing signs can be part of the education process. Manatee Crossing Signs like all animal crossing signs like the one shown are made of durable aluminum for outdoors or indoors use, measure 12″ x 12″ diamond square. Animal Crossing Signs like the Manatee Crossing sign save lives for future wildlife education enjoyment.

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