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Manatee Earrings Gold Jewelry French Curve for wildlife lovers

manatee earrings gold jewelry french curveThe New Manatee Earrings Gold Jewelry French Curve are perfect for wildlife lover fashion fun. Made in the USA these Manatee Earrings are lightweight and long wearing and can be worn for casual or elegant dress up. Made in an environmentally friendly manner the Manatee earrings are made of recycled brass which is hand hammered using a special plannishing tool on a gentle curve which produces hundreds of tiny facets which catch and reflect the light in a dazzling array. The earrings are 14K gold with the french ear wires 14K gold fill. Manatee earrings are perfect gift for manatee lovers but they can also serve large groups. Swimming teams can be brought together as a team with the use of Manatee earrings for all the girl swimmers. Likewise if a school is known as the Manatees the cheerleaders, the band and pep clubs could all utilize the Manatee earrings to promote school spirit and raise morale. Manatees are losing wildlife habitat due to urban sprawl and use of waterways for sport. Save the manatee organizations may use the Manatee Earrings to raise awareness and support for setting areas aside for undisturbed Manatee habitat. Businesses also often adopt Manatees to capture and represent the attributes of their business. In this situation the Manatee Earrings show a sense of unity of purpose and can be a rally point for business esprit decor. For business clients the Manatee Earrings could be offered as a gift and as a reminder of successful business relationships. Manatee earrings best purpose is for people who individually love Manatees and the beauty they bring to the wildlife world. For the economy the Manatee earrings like all gold animal earrings are made in the USA which is important since it keeps Americans at work here at home.

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