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Tiger Blankets Throw Tapestry USA for Tiger Lover Home Decor

tiger blanket throw tapestry faceThere is no animal wild cat on earth more threatening than a tiger. Larger than even a lion the tiger in particular the Siberian Tiger has no peer. With it’s immediately recognizable orange, black and white striking stripes the Tiger is a remarkable achievement in the evolution of wild cats. Equally remarkable is the Tiger’s gorgeous, majestic, expression filled face. Capturing the Tiger in art is the new Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestries. Made in the USA and featured online by Animal World the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestries do justice to this incredibly beautiful animal. Produced by Manual Woodworkers on looms in North Carolina the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestries are perfect for tiger lover home decor or warmth on cold winter days. tiger prowling blanket throw tapestryThe Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry shown above left provides a close of the majestic tiger’s face. The Tiger Prowling Blanket Throw Tapestry shown below left in contrast depicts a tiger on the hunt surrounded by it’s natural habitat. From potential use by business, schools, clubs or for personal gifts the Tiger blanket throw tapestries will continually make excellent, thoughtful choices for all Tiger gifts store enthusiasts. In addition since the Tiger animal blanket throw tapestries are made in America they offer pride in craftmanship so seldom found in gift selection offerings today.

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Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestries offers home decor beauty and style

tiger blanket throw tapesty powerTiger blanket throw tapestries capture the famous wildlife artwork of two famous artists. Made in the USA of American grown 100% 3 ply cotton the Tiger blanket throw tapestries bring the wilderness of the tiger’s domain into the house for attractive home decor by Manual Woodworker or Scene Weaver. The Tiger blanket throw tapestry is perfect for wall display, laid over a sofa, chair or bed. The best use for the Tiger blanket throw tapestry is always the original use to keep one warm for watching TV, reading a book or simply taking a nap. Everyone is immediately drawn to the beautiful markings of a tiger, from the striking orange, black, white lines to the remarkable large cat features of the largest predator cat. The power and majestic lines of a tiger are there to behold if only given the opportunity be observed in their natural habitat. Many zoos have gone to great lengths to provide as natural a setting as possible for tigers, however, nothing can replace their native home and their natural habitat. The Tiger blanket throw tapestries capture this unbelievably beautiful animal in that natural element whether prowling in the jungle or simply staring with that stern yet glorious face. Tiger blanket throw tapestries have many uses other than home decor. Foreign visitors may desire them for souvenirs from the USA. Businesses can utilize them as gifts for clients or as a signature item that represents their characteristics. tiger blanket throw tapestry prowling Schools, Universities, Clubs and Organizations often choose tigers as their mascot for representation. For all of these the Tiger blanket throw tapestry can serve a useful role for gifts, esprit decor and morale. Blankets are naturally designed for warm and comfort. The Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry combines function with style, artwork and love for natures beauty. For all these reasons or just one the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry is a wonderful addition to any tiger lover’s collection.

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