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March Comes In like A Lion Goes Out Like A Lamb

lion toy miniature
Lion Toy Miniature

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This simple description of the typical weather March is easy to imagine with the use of a roaring demonstrative lion to depict the strong winds of early March. Likewise, the quiet diminutive lamb is also perfect to depict the quiet warmer weather often associated with late March.
A great way to bring these to animals into discussion is with plush stuffed animals. The Lion plush stuffed animal toy can represent early March while a Lamb plush stuffed animal toy can similarly represent late March.

large lion stuffed animal plush
Large Lion Plush Stuffed Animal

Mary at wildlife stuffed animal toy plush specialist Animal mentions that they stock 3 Lion plush stuffed animal toys and but only one style of Lamb plush stuffed animal. There is definitely more availability in Lion plush stuffed animal toy than in Lamb plush stuffed animal toys. This is certainly in keeping with March the way it comes in strong like a lion and goes out small like a Lamb. Designed in a realistic look style versus a fanciful style the lion and lamb plush stuffed animal toys both represent the actual animals. This is important especially in education where for many students the lamb and lion plush stuffed animal plush toys may be the only opportunity to experience the animal real or imaginary.

lamb plush stuffed animal
Lamb Plush Stuffed Animal
lamb toy miniature
Lamb Toy Miniature

In addition to the plush stuffed animals Nickie at Animal World also notes that the Lion toy miniature and Lamb toy miniatures are also well done and very realistic. For economic and ease of handling the Lion and Lamb toy miniatures would be a good choice for small children and classrooms with small budgets.

March Lion Lamb article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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