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Celebrate March with Lion Plush Stuffed Animals and Lion Toy Miniatures.

lion stuffed animal plush
Lion Plush Stuffed Animal

When it comes to the end of Winter it doesn’t go away without one last show or in the case of weather one good blow and usually many. When the cold fronts of Winter are met by the warm fronts of Spring there is usually a weather war which produces strong winds. To describe these phenomenon weather reporters would exclaim that March is coming in like a Lion. With the roaring high winds, strong gusts and typical blustery conditions it is easy to understand why a lion was used to describe the winds of early to mid March. Since you can’t see the wind the Lion was the perfect animal to utilize in describing these high winds and since you can’t safely handle either there is a dilemma. A solution to this problem is offered by Mary at Animal World. She recommends celebrating March with some of their Lion Gifts Store items including Lion plush stuffed animals, lion toy miniatures, lion figurines and even a lion blanket throw tapestry. Perfect for any classroom the Lion Plush Stuffed Animals could easily lend a symbolic reference point to representing the strong winds of early March.

lion toy miniature
Lion Toy Miniature

For younger classrooms the smaller Lion Toy Miniatures might be an even better choice to represent the month of March roaring like a lion. For creative imaginative month of March decorating the Lion blanket throw tapestry and Lion figurine statues could entertain in eye catching protected display.

Month of March Lion Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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