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John Perry Sailfish and Marlin Figurines offer warm ocean home decor

Marlin Figurine by John PerryThe John Perry Ocean figurine collection is unmistakable with it’s trademark Pellucida white resin compound material and it’s burled wood base. The original line of John Perry figurines used a strictly white Pellucida for all figurines, however, recently beautiful airbrushing has been added to add a new dimension to the look. Two pieces that benefited greatly from the use of airbrushing were the John Perry Sailfish and Marlin figurines. Each Marlin and Sailfish figurine is hand airbrushed so each figurine although similar is totally unique. Adding to the allure of the John Perry figurines is the totally one of a kind burled wood base. John Perry has informed retailers that the supply of burled wood bases is no longer viable so those collectors with the burled wood base Marlin figurine or Sailfish Figurine truly have an irreplaceable family heirloom with each statue. Sailfish Figurine by John PerryThe main reason for collecting the John Perry Marlin Figurine or Sailfish figurine is the natural warm look of the burled wood base against the high tech Pellucida formed Sailfish or Marlin. For Marlin or Sailfish collectors located quality figurines is a never ending task. For them the Marlin Figurine or the John Perry Sailfish Figurine is a special way to bring the feeling of the ocean into warm home decor. The Marlin and Sailfish figurine are also popular for office decor where a more masculine look is desired. For schools and universities where the Marlin or the Sailfish is the mascot the Marlin Figurine or the Sailfish could be adapted with nameplate for use as trophies or special recognition awards. Made in the USA the Marlin figurine and the Sailfish Figurine statues both are excellent examples of the John Perry style of combining his love of the ocean with classic home decor.

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