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Marlin Gifts Store Collectibles for Deep Sea Sportsmen Animal Lovers

marlin plush stuffed animal toy

Marlin Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

marlin figurine john perry
Marlin Figurine on Burled Wood

The most spectacular fish in the sea is the Marlin with it’s silver, blue and navy iridescent colors and incredible race car like lines.  The Marlin has a spectacular spear like nose, rakish angled triangular dorsal fin, equally matched side fins and fighter jet styled tail. Marlin Gifts Store items featured online at Animal World include John Perry Figurine, plush stuffed animal, animal necktie and porcelain mug. The Marlin Plush Stuffed Animal Toy is very realistic for a wildlife stuffed animal toy. Featuring white, light blue, dark blue soft plush the Marlin stuffed animal toy is one of the best hands on mechanisms to learn about the details, shape and characteristics of a Marlin up close and personal which is unavailable in with a real Marlin. The Marlin Figurine by John Perry is one of the most beautiful statues for home decor. Made of white Pellucida with detailed airbrushing the Marlin figurine is placed on it’s own unique burled wood base.  The Marlin Mug Porcelain features wraparound full color artwork. Shown below with the Marlin artwork on both sides it is easy to see how dramatic this deep ocean fish is part is one of the most spectacular of sea animals. Not to be outdone and to test the limits of conservative men’s fashion the Marlin necktie is ready for casual or dress up while simultaneously providing the wearer the opportunity to send a message about one of their passions in life apart from business. Made of silk the Marlin necktie features a repeating Marlin pattern that is simple yet elegant in it’s appearance and ready do it’s part in a men’s fashion ensemble.  Separately each Animal World Marlin gift store collectible is a wonderful item, however, together the Marlin theme gifts create a collection for Marlin enthusiasts. Marlins are one of the fastest fish in the ocean. With their powerful tail fins, sleek lines and streamlined shape it is easy to see how the Marlin is considered by most to be the fastest fish in the the ocean. This speed and beautiful shape of the Marlin translates well into the Marlin plush stuffed animal, figurine statue, porcelain mug and necktie. All make excellent gifts for any Marlin enthusiast whether they are a deep sea sportsman or an ocean animal lover enthusiast. Whether utilized as an office gift, for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, or any other special day the Marlin Gifts store collectibles are specialized to fill this unique need.

marlin mug porcelain

Marlin Mug Porcelain

marlin necktie

Marlin Necktie

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