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Mastiff Figurine Sandicast Original Trancends Dog Figurines Life

Whenever I look at the Mastiff Sandicast Figurine Original I feel as if Sandra Brue’s own dog Brutus a Mastiff  was the model. The detail of this piece is absolutely astounding. The wrinkles, the folds, the muscle tone, all pointing toward the masterpiece of any Sandicast dog figurine the expression together with those warm inquisitive eyes. Almost forgotten when analyzing this superb Mastiff dog figurine is the coloring. Likewise, just before final coloring Sandra Brue painstakingly put on individual dog hairs layering them back to front just like a real dog. Combining airbrushing along with actual brush strokes along with incredible shading the look of realism almost becomes a forgotten conclusion. This Mastiff Sandicast Figurine Original actually transcends it’s existence as a dog figurine and enters a new world of actual existence as a living breathing animal. People have been known to stop in their tracks to wait for the dog figurine to actually move or breathe. Made originally out of clay by Sandra Brue the Mastiff dog figurine is made of cast stone. Prior to work Sandra Brue would study Mastiff dogs to determine tendencies, personality and poses. The Sandicast dog figurines originals like this Mastiff is the most popular size ever created by Sandra Brue. Perfect for eye level display, maximum impact is achieved not only for the artist but especially for the admirer. Finding Sandicast dog figuines at Mastiff Gifts Stores or local gift stores used to be an easy task, today that search is much more difficult. Sandicast Dog Figurines Originals like the Mastiff are available online from animal pet gift specialists like Animal World. 

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography 

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