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May is National Feed a Homeless Pet Month

May is National Feed a Homeless Pet Month. When you lose a pet you look for positives in the middle of the grieving feelings associated with losing your pet family member. Afterwords dog or cat food is often still in the pantry. Your first thoughts could easily be to throw out this dog or cat food. This of course would be a terrible waste and whereas it may not be of any use in your house it may help save a cat or dog’s life in a pet shelter such as humane societies, or animal rescues. If this food donation saves even one pet’s life the long term joy that pet might bring to a future family looking to adopt is absolutely immeasurable. Of course you could simply provide a donation in the form of money or food to similar agencies. Pets give so much love and joy to all in higher levels than they ever received. All pet look for in return is a safe, warm place to live with adequate food and water. Look for ways in addition to these to participate in National Feed a Homeless Pet Month this May.

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