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Military Dogs remembered for Memorial Day

May 25 Memorial Day is a time to remember all those that died fighting to provide the peace we all enjoy here in the USA. Alongside many of these veterans in many circumstances were mans best friend. Dogs have been alongside soldiers in battle, in communication, in recent terror prevention and in everyday duty ready to aid assistance. The breed used most often in the military historically has been the German Shepherd. Recently other breeds including the Belgian Malinois have also been used by the military. Whatever the need the military always looked for dogs that were bred for training, anxious to work, unwavering in their loyalty, and dedicated to doing the job well. These are the same qualities that we honor on this Memorial Day. For all the military that lost their lives for us please remember all the dogs that lost their lives alongside their trainer. Make sure you set aside time this Memorial Day to remember and honor all those. the men the women, and the dogs that died serving their country allowing us to live in peace.

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