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Monkey Crossing Sign is Monkey Business Fun and Function

monkey crossing sign
Monkey Crossing Sign

The new Monkey Crossing Sign is perfect for informational warning if there are monkeys nearby. The type of monkeys nearby in need of announcement can be up to your own interpretation and application. Of course if you happen to be a zoo or a wildlife habitat you may be discussing real monkeys and for that situation the Monkey Crossing Sign can warn, education and enlighten. For monkeys of the other type the Monkey Crossing Sign is also very apropos. Those monkeys can be found at home maybe in the boys bedroom, or maybe down in the recreation room or even out in the garage. All these locations are perfect for hanging the Monkey Crossing Sign. Another place you can certainly find monkeys is at work. There the monkeys could be in the next door office, or the lunch room or maybe out in the warehouse. All these areas could certainly use a good natured Monkey Crossing Sign. In fact a curious fact is upon placement of the Monkey Crossing Sign in any of these areas mentioned at home or at work additional unknown monkeys are usually discovered. For these reasons the Monkey Crossing Sign is perfect for Monkey business fun or function. Made in the USA of durable aluminum the Monkey sign is perfect for use outdoors or indoors. Measuring 17” high x 17” wide the Monkey sign is designed in the classic caution diamond shape and as with all warning signs features a bright yellow attention grabbing background color. If the monkey crossing sign is a big hit in home or office morale and esprit decor smart manager may wish to incorporate the monkey theme into other monkey ideas. A Monkey Gift Store like online retailer Animal World offers in addition to the monkey crossing sign, monkey earrings, plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, puppets and figurine statues. Monkey signs are just one of many animal crossing signs available for animal safety as well as home decor.

Monkey Crossing Sign Article by Steve Forrest Writer VideoPhotography and Website Consultant

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