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Moose T Shirt is Wildlife Lover Fashion Fun Made in USA

Moose Lover T Shirt
Moose T Shirt made in USA

When it comes to wild animals not many fit the description better than Moose. With there huge size and massive hand like antlers they are definitely a one of a kind. Capturing that wild spirit in wildlife lover fashion fun is the new Moose Lover T Shirt. Available in sizes from youth to adult all members of the family from young to old can participate in their mutual love for this amazing animal of the mountainous woodlands. Since the Moose is well known as an American animal it is very appropriate that the Moose T Shirt is also made in America. Made in the USA by Wildlife Animal T Shirt specialist Animal World the Moose T Shirt is printed on comfortable natural colored 100% cotton. According to Nickie at Animal World the same artwork available on the Moose T Shirt is also available on a Moose Sweatsweat. Similar to the Moose T Shirt the Moose Sweatshirt is also available in youth through adult sizes so all can sport their love for Moose in year round fashion fun.

Moose T Shirt and Moose Sweatshirt news by Steve Forrest Writer Photography Video and Website Consultant


Moose T Shirts for Rocky Mountain Animal lover fashion fun

moose t shirt Anyone who has ever been able to see a moose in it’s natural habitat perhaps in Yellowstone or another norhern Rocky Mountain state or national park never forgets the experience. Capturing this beautiful experience is the Moose T Shirt printed in the USA by Animal World. Printed on natural color 100% cotton the Moose T Shirt is available in children through adult sizes so all members of the family can enjoy Moose lover fashion fun. With it’s unmistakable huge pair of hand and palm patterned antlers they are unique. Even without the antlers with it’s massive head Moose are just as unmistakable. As the largest member of the deer family Moose are a grazing animal in the North American continent they weigh up to 1500 pounds and require large areas for grazing to provide adequate foods to fill it’s high energy needs to proper body weight. Moose T shirts like all animal t shirts by Animal World feature the animal in it’s natural look. Whether animal enthusiasts want the Moose T Shirt for animal lover fashion fun or people with the nickname Moose can both lover the enjoy it’s availability. Teachers and educators can also wear the Moose T Shirt to help bring pertinent, relative study modules on North American animals to life for more interactive learning fun.

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