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Mosquito Crossing Sign celebrates Mosquito Day July 23

mosquito crossing signEveryone celebrated Mosquito Day on July 23 without realizing the situation. That is correct, when you were out in the evening of July 23 swinging and slapping at those pesky mosquitos you were unaware that you were in essence unintentionally celebrating Mosquito Day July 23. If you happen to be lucky or unlucky enough to be in an area with an abundance of those buzzing blood suckers you may wish to invest in Mosquito Crossing Sign. Made just like the ones warning you about railroads this Mosquito Crossing Sign is printed with full color artwork on bright yellow and black trim background. Made of aluminum for year round durability the Mosquito Crossing Sign has a hole prepunched at the top for easy mounting on a fence, pole, wall or anywhere Mosquito warnings or information is needed. July is almost gone and August is just days away, but it is not too early to make your plans for next years Mosquito Day July 23, 2011. To get ready for the party and festivities of Mosquito Day July 23, 2011 be sure to make the Mosquito Crossing Signs part of the holiday decor. Every day all Summer long we all celebrate Mosquito Day by squishing them whenever possible but now it official and worth recognizing. The Mosquito Crossing Sign achieves that goal on Mosquito Day July 23 and all summer long.

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