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Mountain Lion Figurines capture North American wild cat beauty

mountain lion figurine on rock
Mountain Lion animal figurines capture the wild beauty of North America’s largest wild cat. When people think of wild cats the first animals that come to mind are the Lions or Leopards of Africa, Tigers of Asia and Jaguars of South America. Surprisingly most people in America forget that one of the largest wild cats presides practically in their own backyard. Though seldom seen Mountain Lions exist in many parts of the USA preferring mountainous areas where food sources such as deer are abundant. Mountain Lions are a favorite animal for many wildlife enthusiasts. Having a mountain lion as a pet is dangerous and would be unfair to this beautiful wild cat. An alternative is collecting beautiful Mountain Lion figurines for home decor. Made of cast stone with fine detail painting Mountain Lion figurines can bring an aura of the wild outdoors inside for animal figurine decor fun. mountain lion figurine familyDesigned to work well on any shelf the optimum location is at eye level so the Mountain Lion is looking back at you when you observe the animal figurine. Businesses often adopt animals to represent a look and perspective. As a office display or desk display the mountain lion figurine could given to important clients, as office gifts. For the Christmas Holiday season Mountain Lion gifts such as the Mountain lion figurine are cherished for years.

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