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New Shining Stars Plush Stuffed Toys look great

Today we received our first shipment of the new Shining Stars plush stuffed toys. They look great, come in 24 styles and the display looks fantastic. Shining Stars are the newest in a combination plush toy where after purchase your Shining Stars plush toy you then log on to the Shining Stars website and from there you get to name your own star. You get the space coordinates for the star and you get to name it whatever you want, that is so cool. You can choose bears, dog, wildlife Shining Stars as stated earlier they come in 24 different styles. Going back to the Shining Stars display looking awesome, it has a push button that gives audio explaing the Shining Stars name a star how to’s and lights up with blue shining blinking lights on the header card. Wow these are going to be huge.

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