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National Childrens Book Week great time for Animal Puppets

Did you know that this is National Children Book week? Reading to your child can be one of the most memorable times of your life. For the child, some of their best memories of childhood are often those moments when they get their bedtime story. Story time can be enhanced with plush stuffed animals and animal puppets. If you read a story like “Pokie Little Puppy” you could enhance the story with a dog plush stuffed animal toy. If you read a story like the “Three Little Pigs” if you had a pig plush stuffed animal toy and pig puppet plush you could make the pigs come alive. In “Little Red Riding Hood” you could make the big bad wolf come alive with a Wolf Animal Puppet with big teeth. There might even be a cute book with a porcupine, then the cute Porcupine animal puppet shown could show how they can be lovable and not just prickly. National Children Book Week is one of the most beneficial weeks of the year for building a strong future. Make National Children Book Week the beginning of every night story time fun with your child.

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