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National Dog Day Top 10 To Do List


National Dog Day Representative Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Today August 26 is National Dog Day so here is an easy top 10 to do list for you and your dog.

1. Pet your dog, they show you so much more love then you can ever show them. The human touch to a dog is a true expression of love.

2. Clean their water bowl and refresh their water bowl with clean fresh cool water, add an ice cube unless they chew them.

3. Clean their food bowl, throw out old food and give them fresh food.

4. Do # 3 one better, fix them a special breakfast/lunch/dinner maybe a hamburger, steak, chicken with rice would make the day special.

5. Take your dog for a walk, no cellphone, no ipod, just you and your dog, simple pleasure. Enjoy the flora, fauna, the sounds of nature, you may think it is a walk, we let it become an adventure.

6. If you dog likes swimming find a place where your dog can go for a swim, if you can swim with your dog that is one better.

7. Give you dog a bath, if swimming is not an option or even if it is, give your dog a bath, it can be a hilarious experience, you may want to tape it and put it on you tube.

8. After drying your dog it is time for giving your dog a good brushing, before you are finished your dog will most likely be on it’s back with it’s tummy up kicking it’s legs and asking for more.

9. After all that activity it is time for a nap together on the bed or make a bed on the floor.

10. Finish off the day with a great dog movie together like “Incredible Journey”, “Marly and Me”  or “Turner and Hooch” and thank your dog for all the love, attention and undying love your dog brings to your life.

National Dog Day is one day we recognize the dogs we love. When they are gone you wish you could spend every day doing steps 1-10 because they are no longer part of your life. It is then that you realize all the things you do for your dog end up being special times for you.  The Dogs way of giving back to you is in the adventures and experiences in life you share that become life long memories. As we learn later in life, money is worthless, life experiences and adventures usually spent with your dog are priceless and unforgettable. National Dog Day is August 26 but every day is an opportunity to make a lifetime of memories with your beloved dog.  Unfortunately, we lost our 11 year old Chocolate Lab last Spring to Cancer. Every day we realize we got so much more in return than we could ever give him. We took him on simple walks every day, he repaid us tenfold in adventures and experiences of a lifetime. The top ten National Dog Day to do list is simple, but what you will get in return is special. If we could add one more item to the list that would be if you don’t own a dog please consider adopting one from your local shelter, rescue or humane society. You will be saving a dog’s life, but the life you may also be saving is your own. You will get back so much more than you give. Maybe if you simply follow our National Dog Day Top 10 To Do List you will end up with a dog that loves you as much as the Chocolate Lab in the picture loved us and gave us in unforgettable memories.

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